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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 21 - Loot

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    CoSaS Release Pack 21 - Loot

    Look! Something shiny!

    Download - Loot!

    Other Packs: 178 Beds - Portcullises & Ladders - 18 Keys - Tinderbox & Flares - 103 Chairs - Chests, Boxes, and Luggage - Folded Clothes - Books and Scrolls - Light Gem & Health Shields - 80 Doors - Tiffany Lamps - Tables & Stands - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Lights of all Types - Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers - Drapes - Musical - Flowers - Bookcases - Loot - Pub Set - Bathroom Set - Gambling Set - Bow & Quiver - Dagger Motions

    Featuring work by Eshaktaar, Christine, Nameless Voice, and even a little by me, with special appearances by Schwaa, tdbonko, and pkaa. The pack contains alternate versions of NV's EP coinstacks as well as those coins edited into heaps and piles. I created a set of alternate coin purses from NV's original, plus spilled-coin versions of each (good for an inventory model too). Christine's fantastic set of jugs and vases are present with alternate gold and silver textures - perfect for combining with the previously released flower pack if you ask me. Eshaktaar created a beautiful set of necklaces and bracelets and other miscellaneous jewelery along with alternate inventory-only models for some of them plus texture-replace gemstones for customisations. I edited some of his gems into standalone versions, plus a 'motherload' gempile object. Silverware by schwaa, crowns by pkaa, and I even snuck in tdbonko's old "jesus" statue as a golden idol. The gold specs and plate are also mine.

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    Nice and shiny

    These object packs continue to amaze me

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    I see that those loot pouch variants use my old (ugly) EP model... it's a pity that they were probably made before Eshaktaar made his excellent loot pouch (which I included in the release version of the EP).

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    Nice loot!

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    HEY, W00T!

    is the link to download broken or something?! I want those treasures

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    The Architect
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    aah.. THX!

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    Thanks for the credit

    But I don't think I made any of that stuff. Nice pack though.

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