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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 22 - Pub Set

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    CoSaS Release Pack 22 - Pub Set

    This set represents some of my very early object work... using autocad of all things.

    Download - Pub Set!

    Other Packs: 178 Beds - Portcullises & Ladders - 18 Keys - Tinderbox & Flares - 103 Chairs - Chests, Boxes, and Luggage - Folded Clothes - Books and Scrolls - Light Gem & Health Shields - 80 Doors - Tiffany Lamps - Tables & Stands - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Lights of all Types - Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers - Drapes - Musical - Flowers - Bookcases - Loot - Pub Set - Bathroom Set - Gambling Set - Bow & Quiver - Dagger Motions

    The glasses and tankards, which are as-is from MX, are untextured, so there's definitely room for some improvement. I tinkered with texturing them near the end of MX's development, but found that it was going to take too much time versus the benefit. They may all be modified and improved as any so desire. The wine storage wall units were by Yametha, and designed to be modular with three basic all units and four modules which can be mixed and matched to create custom organizations. Careful though - they're poly hogs and can drop framerates in no time. Same goes for my hanging glasses. I've included the "anti-poly-overload" version created by R Soul as well.

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    Really thanks for this one.

    i created a similar thing of the wrack1.bin model, but yours is better than mine..

    these objects are very useful for me to add some important details.

    infinite thanks to the cosas team.

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