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Thread: Dark Messiah - Finished - Awsome Game

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    Dark Messiah - Finished - Awsome Game

    Ive just finished this game a few days a go, and i must express how i love this game, thanks to its great design(architecture) very beautifull and outstanding, the enviroments are astunning, the gameplay is a bit difficult at the beginning, but with some trainning you know the best way to defeat your enemys, the storyline could have been more extensive, unless there will be a prologue of this game, and i hope so this game remind me a lot Severance Blade and a bit Thief.

    Anyway Congratulations to the authors of this game for bringing a master piece like this game

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    nice, i'm just playing it through the last missions, fooled around with many different abilities and I am already looking forward to play it again with a more focused upgrade path. it's nice to dive in and out without missing much (the story for example). the environments are nice but their structure is very samey and game-y (meaning every location has the typical spikes on the wall, fireplace and breakable wooden supports and stupid AI running besides it) but I quickly overlooked it and embraced my dual daggers, poison bow and power strikes. hurray !!!

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    I believe the game plays best when you pick a certain career path and stick with it. I did a jack-of-all, and "enjoyed" the challenge of being underpowered (but able to do anything), until I found some overpowered weaponry that made the rest of the game a walkthrough.

    Now if only we could get a game with the melee combat of DarkM, the magic-use of Arx, the sneaking of Thief, and the storytelling of an (early/mid) Ultima.

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    I was looking for something on the net with a year before, and here I noticed this game Now I've finished and liked it very much. I never was a M&M fan, but this sequel is an another piece of cake . And the Source engine makes his job.

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    just finished it too

    picked this up for $3 when Circuit City went belly up ... yes, there's the odd Vista crash on close but for the most part, this game was cool.

    I maxed out stealth and bow and was able to finish the game with leftover skill points ... in fact, I had about 17 left going into the final fight.

    The game really rewards exploration nicely with secret areas and traps ready to be triggered also ... you can find yourself a nice hideaway nook to snipe enemies most of the time.

    The game was quite hard at first going this route, since some levels had a lot of straight-up combat which is hard for an archer. But once you get a decent bow (the ice-bow was used a lot until the end) it becomes easier.

    All in all, a worthy thiefy experience. Its nice to see rope arrows again!

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