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Thread: T2 MISSION : "The lost Castle" Feb. 02/09

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    T2 MISSION : "The lost Castle" Feb. 02/09

    "The Lost Castle" has been updated, invisible barriers were adjusted to the newdark Garrett mantle and finally i found the original skybox, so instead of the 256x256 with poor bit color skybox now the skybox is in 512x512 with high quality colors, here's the mission updated:


    Note: You can find the thread for the New Dark verion here.
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    WOW !!! Another new FM ! This community is incredible. Thanks Pedro...

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    Whoohoo a new mission!

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    Thanks Pedro!

    Ah! Sweet! another mission from a Great Author. Thanks Cardia!

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    Thanks for the mission and best of luck on your exams!

    The Lost Castle

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    Congratulations on the release Pedro! And thanks!

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    Great looking (and huge!) mission so far Cardia1, well done. I'm sorta at a stand still though. I've found 1 clue for the combination door and I assume I'm supposed to find either an underground area of some kind or an overground area (I can see ladders up top, but have yet to find any rope arrows?) Am I missing the arrows somewhere?


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    SneakyJack, I should thank you for posting screenshots... but now I can't wait for time to play it! grraaah!

    Cardia1: it looks beautiful! the custom floors and base boards are going to be the next hottest thing in FM design!

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    The game crashes everytime I try to load it. anybody else have this problem?

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    I never found any rope arrows, but I didn't search everywhere by the look of my final loot count.

    One problem with my usual "smack absolutely everybody unconscious" approach: the woman in the bath, as she'd drown and you don't seem to be able to pick her up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiz View Post
    I never found any rope arrows, but I didn't search everywhere by the look of my final loot count.

    One problem with my usual "smack absolutely everybody unconscious" approach: the woman in the bath, as she'd drown and you don't seem to be able to pick her up
    I did the same thing

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    I can't find the middle 2 i just kept guessing and got it...ouch for the 2nd digit -.-. On the other note, bodies that fall in shallow waters can be picked up...just walk while trying to do seems like garrett hugs the floor closer while walking. I dragged her out in front of the paladin and let her burn in the fire before his eyes

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    I seem to have missed the Third Digit Clue, can someone point me to it? figured it out anyway! still, how did I miss it?
    the challenges getting into the emerald room were daunting, but not terribly difficult. the kings must either not go look at it very often, or be a really good shot.
    finished missing 405 loot.
    has anyone found a way to get up on top of the guard towers?
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    The code just happens to be the year cardia1 was born. clever

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    Thanks, cardia Downloading.

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    The Lost Castle (Southquarter)

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    Nice one cardia1, I'll try this later today.


    I suggest you edit the thread title and add release date to it. This way non TTLG regulars see too that this is really a brand new mission .

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    wow, those are some gorgeous screenshots! I just love the use of custom textures, especially on the castle's exterior.

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    Thankyou Cardia, pure brilliance

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    THANK YOU!.was wonderin what to do today!

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    nice one pedro! looks like a blast.

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    Thank you ever so much cardia1 for this GREAT mission it is beautiful! I have one question I can't seem to find the exit?? Been everywhere

    EDIT: Doh!! I found it right after I posted!!
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    I've been everywhere, there are no locked doors or chests, climbed every ladder I could reach, yet I still don't have a clue where I'm supposed to go and use all these keys.

    Got 3 numbers to some combination, but like I said, there's no more locked chests to check and I've knocked out everyone except the naked broad, so I have no clue where to get the fourth number.

    Found a secret panel in a fireplace somewhere early on, but that wasn't helpful.

    So what gives? Is there a super secret door or rope arrow somewhere?

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    CaptSyn - Well, if you've got 3 of the 4 numbers to the vault you can always try every possible number for the fourth one. You already know the order they go in.

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    Edit - OK... I figured it out... I finally rememberd something I'd seen right at the beginning Great mission Cardia! The lighting and ambience (and architecture) were simply phenomenal. I love this community! - Edit

    Tannar, I think CaptSyn is like me. I also have 4 numbered keys and another for "Emerald Room". Got 3 written clues for combination numbers and figured what the other is by the clue in the King's room but I don't know where to go next.

    I have found no vault and no doors to be opened by all those keys. There's one single door at the top of a short flight of stairs off the middle level that's unfrobbable and I have no rope arrows to go up the 4 openings in the ceiling of the corners of the east and west ends of the castle's top floor (at least it's the top level I could reach for now).

    If you found the vault I'd love a clue as to how to get to it as I have been running around for a while without progress. Thanks.
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