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Thread: T1 FM - Return of Ramirez (Feb 14, 2009)

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    T1 FM - Return of Ramirez (Feb 14, 2009)


    I have finally finished a thief fan mission and have sent it to the circle database so hopefully in a few days it will show up there. It is for thief 1/G. It is called 'Return of Ramirez'. It is simple and tiny compared to most fan missions but I did it just to say that after ten years of playing thief I finally released a fan mission. Please play it and please tell me what you think of it . . . even if you have nothing but horrible things to say about it. It is more important that people play it and for me to know than for it to be liked but me not know it.

    thanks to all of you fan mission authors out there for many years of fan missions, they gave me a lot of good times


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    Well, how about in a few minutes?
    Return of Ramirez

    And, I've updated the thread title. Thanks for the mission Griffin Bain!
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    Now that's what I call service!
    Thanks, mate!

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    Congratulation Griffin Bain!!

    Hot damn, a new T1 mission...can't wait!

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    Mirrored for ya:

    Return of Ramirez (Southquarter)

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    T1 mission? Excellent!!! Thank you, Griffin Bain

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    Terrific! I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

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    First of all, congratulations having your first FM finished, today must be happy for you!
    Finished right now. Yes, maybe too short, but I found it very nice ambiented. I think you have future, keep working on more FMs, take advantage of your talent (some of we do not have it)

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    Due to me (and im sure others) not having thief 1 someone should screenshot these newer Thief 1 fan missions and post them in the general discussion thread or in the announcement threads - I'd like to see the great work of Thief 1 mission makers as well and I'm sure I'm not alone!

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    Terrific little FM Griffin Bain! Congrates on your first and I hope you'll continue to make more

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    I've just finished it. It was short but left me wanting more. Keep up the good work!

    By the way, was there a black jack anywhere?

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    excellent! always good to play thief 1 fms. congratulations on the release!

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    thank you dear friends for all your kind words, I didn't think a T1 mission would get this much attention!

    no there is no blackjack in the mission, my dad, who beta tested on his computer wanted a blackjack but I thought it would have downplayed the duel theme. Anyhow I prefer the blackjack myself and will incorporate if I do a more "realistic" setting for the thief universe. Actually the whole ramirez duel thing came to me in a dream one night . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin Bain View Post
    thank you dear friends for all your kind words, I didn't think a T1 mission would get this much attention!
    No, Thank you. If we didn't make FMs, then there wouldn't be any to play. I spent four years on my own, so I know how much work goes into even the smallest mission. Just stare with a dream, and keep building until it's real.

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    Definetly gone have to make my T1 installation work again.

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    Five minutes of fun. For some reason know matter what you do with thief 1, it always has atmosphere.

    With such a small area, you could have loaded the areas up with more objects and really made it look complete.
    Almost everyone hates really long lockpick times.

    It was pretty good and fun. Keep up the good work. Definitely do some more.
    Congratulations on making a release.

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    Well, I am not one for a frontal assault type game. I might as well play a shooter and Garrett is a terrible swordsman. To my suprise Rameriz was easier than the two above the stairway. Congratualtions on your first release.

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    Running around your opponent opposite his sword hand while striking gives him very few opportunities to get you. Multiple oppononents can be "rounded up" and herder into a circle while you take them all out. My nephew made a room in Dromed with 35 swordguards and showed me how to kill them all using this method.

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    I hate to bump what might be considered an "age auld" thread, but I've just downloaded and played this fan mission.


    Please make some more, pal.

    While overtly short (as you've stated), you did so with a purpose. 11/10 for effort, 10/10 in actuality.

    12/10 for personality.

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    Return of Ramirez took me a little over 5 minutes to complete. The final room with Ramirez does look quite good, actually.

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