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Thread: Slave Market in Suran

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    Slave Market in Suran

    Is there any way to free the slaves from their cells in the Slave Market in Suran? I stole the key from the slave trader, but the cells won't open.

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    Nope, they're unfreeable. Can't free the slaves in Sadrith Mora or Molag Mar either. There's a quest that involves one of them though.

    Even if you use a cheat to get the cells open, the slaves won't leave. Tried that...

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    I believe there are some mods that add keys (and the corresponding dialog) that make it possible to free previously un-releasable slaves. I am working on an update of my Slave Escort mod that will include the feature you desire, but it is not completed at this time. You might check Planet Elder Scrolls and the like to see what is currently available.

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    Suran slaves are unlucky, but many others can be coaxed into freedom

    Quote Originally Posted by
    The Caldera Mines
    If you do not choose the Redoran path, you may find that you wish to abolish the Caldera Mines, where slaves are forced to excavate raw Ebony and disks containing DRDOS, GEM Desktop and SCO UNIX under appalling conditions. The traditional way to stop this is to free the slaves and slaughter everyone else, but this can land you in big trouble. By far the worst is that when you're arrested the police will confiscate all your Ebony!

    But there is a way around this. Just as they come up, open your inventory and eat it all. Yes, eat the Ebony. Cram the whole 9000 gold coins worth down his gullet... it'll be the most expensive meal ever. Let's see the cops try to confiscate it now.

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