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Thread: Please help! Game crashes when i fast travel to Peryite Shrine

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    Please help! Game crashes when i fast travel to Peryite Shrine

    I recently encountered a problem at Peryite shrine. This is unrelated to the crash that results when you attack the NPC's worshiping at this shrine. Whenever i fast travel to this location, the screen turns black and i get the Oblivion encountered an error message and the game exits. This wouldn't be a big deal except it happens when i enter the portal leaving the realm of Peryite. I am unable to complete this quest because of this and I am stuck in this Oblivion realm unless I reload a saved game from earlier. However I would like to complete this quest. Has anyone else encountered a problem such as this? If so, what did you do to correct this? The only patch i have installed is the FormID patch.

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    So you don't have patch 1.2.0416?

    IMO you should install that since it fixes crash problems, probably even the one you are facing.

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    I may have made a mistake thats the patch I have. I tried reinstalling it again and I still get the same crash. Its really weird

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    Any mods?

    Have you tried the unofficial patch?

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