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Thread: Arx Enchant Mod

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    Arx Enchant Mod

    Finally, the Mod's finished!

    This mod will add many new enchantments and rebalance Stealth and Casting penalites on weapons and armor.

    Please post your feedback and suggestions here.
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    Donations get you post attachments.

    Or you can upload it using one of many and various services (rapidshare, megaupload, yousendit, senduit) and someone (like me) can grab it from there and give it a more permanent home (which may not be optimal since you probably want to continue modifying it... right?)

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    Ah right, thanks Nightfall!

    I can't donate, don't have a credit card, but I couldn't spare much anyway.

    I'll keep working on it, since there is a severe lack of Arx Mods out there.

    I'll check those sites you mentioned, once I've got something more complete.

    I'll balance out NPC and Weapon/Armor stats too, when I've finished the enchantments.

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    I've been using this mod for a while now, wondering if anyone else has experience with it.

    It seems as though the enchants are not applied to the items after I use the reagent on them, drop them on the ground and cast enchant on them. They have their glow, character says his bit when the reagent is applied, as well as when the enchant spell is cast, yet no modification to the item's description or character's stats is present. Am I doing it wrong?

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    Blargx, I haven't worked on this over the last year, I lost interest and no-one posted any
    feedback in the last year so I assumed that no-one was interested.

    The mod is completely unfinished, and I should never have released it. As for the enchants, I think
    they work, but I didn't update the description strings. Also note I placed heavy stealth/magic penalties and high defense skill requirements for heavy armour.

    I sincerly apologise for not finishing it but thanks to those who tried it anyway, especially Blargx who bumped this post which reminded me about this.

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    Actually, I must have been missing something. All of the enchants I've tried have worked fine so far, must have been doing it wrong before.

    Great work on the mod, actually. Enjoying it very much, thank you.

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    I have downloaded the Arx Enchant mod, because I think that original Arx Fatalis should be rebalanced a little. Mod is not finished, but it's working.
    I think that the balance of the mod isn't very good. I disagree with most of changes.
    But I like some of ideas of Arxdave93 (change of enchants of magic rings, special weapons for assasin and mage).
    I admire new armor and weapon enchants of Arxdave93, but I disagree with them nonetheless(most of them are too strong and not very well fit in game).
    Also I think that it would be good if somebody would try to make texture replacers for weapons and armor. Replacement of some models also would be good, but I don't know whether it's possible or not to replace a model without full recompilation of the game.
    Please forgive me my poor English.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arxdave93 View Post
    hi, link is dead
    could You send this file to another location ? for example: rapidshare

    many thanks

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    Re upload

    Quote Originally Posted by scager View Post
    hi, link is dead
    could You send this file to another location ? for example: rapidshare

    many thanks

    i uploaded it.

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    thanks a lot

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