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Thread: Mafia 2 Impressions

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    Thing is, illusion always had a reputation for crushing realism in their games, even if it was not always fully developed. It was part of their style and charm.
    I can't help but think that take 2 has watered them down much like irrational into just another studio.

    Did they leave in the options for alternative driving physics? And how does it compare to the original in that regard? A lot of videos i've seen make the driving look boringly thoughtless.

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    there is a "simulation" mode where the car handles worse but you only need the driving to get from A to B, there are only about 3 missions were you have to chase someone. You can steal cars for money but you don't need it. I finished it already, on hard except one "get there in 30seconds" mission where I suspect on normal/easy you have more time it was easy as pie. had about 20 guns in my inventory without ever spending a dime. the ending was ...... petrifying in a bad way. I don't like Vito and Joe certainly became the worst sidekick in a long time over the course of the game. those guys are serious retards. nevertheless the city, atmosphere, setpieces and pacing are topnotch, bummer about the mechanics and the way the story turned out. Not that it was not expertly presented and thought out but it didn't grip me. what certainly does NOT work is the melee system which - like in AssassinsCreed - turned over into easy pie once you learned the countermove. besides that I only was fully wanted / shoot on sight two times and had to shake the police. they are not a big problem. All in all I'm gonna replay it, it's good enough for that. But they didn't reach the high points like M1 did with their brutal healthsystem and legendary "docks/trainyard" mission.

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    I've started playing and I think I'm about 3/4 of the way through.

    So far my only gripes are that there is too much "downtime" between the action sequences - driving from home to a mission point and back again, which is extremely boring in a game where the police will chase you if you drive too fast). You spend more time between interesting gameplay moments than you do having them, and when you do have them, they're typically very short and straightforward (literally straight forward, run a line straight forward and shoot people in the way).

    Also, there are more fist fights than there are gun fights.

    Thirdly, the story does not seem as engaging as the first game. I don't particularly care for any of the characters.

    However, it's keeping me entertained so far.

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    So far the game is good but i know alot of people that posted on the 2k forum aren't happy at all due to alot of stuff that was cut from the game


    Can't supercharge the car engine
    No side missions
    Game story is all over the place
    Pop in textures is quite bad
    Only 40 cars and yes the DLC does add more


    Driving mode on simulation is great

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    after playing it 2 times it is already showing its "age".......
    I still can't get it that it's the same writer, those scripts are leagues apart.

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    The driving is great (as it was in the first game), the story seems ok so far (hard to compete with the first game here, since it hit every square on the mafia bingo card), and the gameplay is fun. I've seen people complain about the Playboy tie-in and the profane dialog, but the vintage centerfolds are great and a lot of the incidental dialog has made me chuckle so far, particularly Vito's snide remarks during the crate-moving mission and the idle chatter of the guards in the first stealth mission. I wasn't really expecting it to be as good as the first game and it's not, but I still prefer it to anything GTA.

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    I dunno why anyone would complain about the profanity. What people have been talking about, though, is that the story simply doesn't measure up. Vito's a whiny jerkface that makes for an unsympathetic protagonist, which is fine as far as I'm concerned as there's only so many ways to spin Mafia's Tommy Angelo character -- but the plot is apparently pretty standard or worse.

    Also the RPS review had some griping to do about the scale of the missions and the menial shit you had to do most of the time -- how's that pan out?

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    There's just too much driving, from your apartment to Joe's, then to the mission area, and then back home. That's a bad design decision, it really makes the game a lot less fun than it could have been, and I suspect it's there just to make the game time reach those 10 hours.
    The actual missions are sometimes really great though, like the hotel or slaughterhouse one, but generally there's just too much filler to get to the good stuff. A good game with wasted potential. Maybe the DLCs fix some of it.

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    The driving was my favorite part of either game, so I can't really complain about how much you have to do. If the entire game were nothing but driving 30 minutes to a 30 minute stealth mission, repeated over and over, I'd be in heaven.

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    Okay. Leave out the masochism, and keep the missions varied, and you and I might just have the same conception of heaven.

    Which is to say, not at all.

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    The things that separated Mafia above the GTA games for me were the great driving model and the atmosphere, and Mafia II improves both of those areas and adds stealth to boot. Then again I've always preferred the Mafia/Mercenaries/Saboteur way of doing open world games to the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-shittiness of the last 4 GTA's.

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    I'm not much of a GTA fan any more (never been much of one, tbh); I loved the original Mafia. But the driving was not the best part of that game, and evading the cops for running a red light was tortuous in the most frank and non video-gaming way ever. Realistic, of course. But fun? Bleh. 30's jalopies were not exactly noted for their impressive control. The cars control much better in the demo I played, but I can't imagine 30 minutes of driving around to get to the next mission, to be honest.

    Also, the original Mafia had a stealth mission. It wasn't very well done, but it was atmospheric. Still, I preferred the hard-as-nails combat and inevitable hanging-on-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth missions to the stealth and the regen nonsense, but eh. No sense crying over spilled milk.

    Anyway: the real reason why I liked Mafia - the missions, and the story, and the non-trivial link between them. MII doesn't quite measure up, I take it?

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    Driving IS fun in Mafia 2. But going more or less the same route over and over again just to begin/end a mission is not.

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    Beat it once, then played through a second time and beat it again on hard. Either hard mode is not hard in the slightest or I'm just really, really good, but I don't think it's the latter. It really is as simple as duck into cover and wait for the enemy to pop out, shoot him in the head and move on, you are never in the tiniest amount of danger.

    My weapon of choice was the magnum up until the very last mission - the only one where enemies actually rush you (and only because they "spawn" 3 feet away to begin with). Then, I used the tommy gun, and just mowed through them before they fired a shot as they charged at me in single file lines. These were the only two weapons I ever used, as everything else was too weak to get those instakill headshots, be it either the power of the weapon or the unreliable aim. The rifles are a really close second to the magnum, I suppose, but pistol ammo is everywhere.

    The AI really should've been made to try and advance on your position instead of hiding behind their own cover all day long. I can duck behind cover, go make a sandwich, walk my dog, take a shower and come back, and the bad guy will still be sitting behind that park bench popping a shot at the car I'm hiding behind every minute or so.

    The ending was boring and anti-climactic. Without spoiling anything, I was expecting to hear a gunshot, but they didn't even give it that amount of finality. They leave it open for a potential sequel, but the story wasn't interesting enough that I'd care for another Vito game.
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    Hokay. I'm in Chapter 7, four hours in. Just after Vito's great Prison Break odyssey. And I don't get it - some of the prison scenes were a bit hokey, like the attempted shower rape and following beatdown - but the game so far, overall? Very nice. And my views are quite in contrast to a lot of the reviews I've read.

    I actually do like the driving, strangely enough. I guess there's something to driving heavy, muscular cars. And I love exploring the city in them. Never mind the fact that it's not a sandbox. Sandboxes are fucking over-rated anyway: will people please get off the fucking GTA comparisons? It's not GTA, and was never meant to be. Anyway, poring over the city's details is a source of delight in itself. Snow dusts off the roof of the cars you bump into, bonnets and fenders bounce and sway if your car gets too damaged, ice glints off the tarmac, the city lights glint in the distance, and that warm and cozy Dean Martin Christmas song crackles off the radio in the middle of a wintry, snowy night.

    The missions themselves have been slightly underwhelming, and the simplistic brawling and pop 'n stop shootouts are merely competent instead of realistic and awesome even on Hard, but it's still fun. And even though Vito's a little too much of a bland, unquestioning henchman and the narrative wrapped around him's a bit humdrum, the cinematic excellence on show in the cut scenes and attention to detail is hard to ignore. The story might be no particular great shakes so far, but it's still compelling to play/watch. It's almost a damn movie.

    In short: dumb to downright lazy design decisions, but fucking impressive execution overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    In short: dumb to downright lazy design decisions, but fucking impressive execution overall.
    It would be better if the game had actual content and not impressive execution.

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    It does have actual content, though. The driving around, while the sheer amount of it gets painful near the end, is fun. The story's handled pretty bizarrely in many places (Vito's sister, the prison thing, Henry, the @!$% ending), but the atmosphere and cinematic direction is spot on. And the missions end up being mostly all right if sorta unimpressive in comparison to Mafia's. The gunplay's great, but still too easy most of the time, even on Hard.

    It's not a bad game, it just doesn't rise to the occasion most of the time. Never has the phrase 'go the extra mile' been more apt in a game, and it's especially ironic here considering how much driving Mafia 2 happens to have. It could have been special. Unfortunately, we'll have to settle for 'mostly okay'.

    Which isn't so bad... that city, Empire Bay, it's a fucking marvel. Where's the goddamn freeride mode, 2K?

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    Free Ride mode is there, but it was disabled - like San Andreas Hot Coffee or all of the cut features in Stalker: SoC like A-Life.

    You need a script mod to re-enable it.

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    That's awesome. Thanks a ton for that, Eva!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur
    I dunno why anyone would complain about the profanity.
    What once was just a vague impression has now been measured:

    Mafia 2 beat the Guiness World Record of House of the Dead: Overkill by 11 to a grand total of 200 Fucks as measured by Achievment Hunter.


    Who says science isn´t fun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post
    Free Ride mode is there, but it was disabled - like San Andreas Hot Coffee or all of the cut features in Stalker: SoC like A-Life.

    You need a script mod to re-enable it.
    Also Free Ride:
    All houses are open
    All blips appear on the map
    All cars are in the garage
    All weapons with full ammo
    All suits are in the wardrobe
    Plenty of money

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    My thoughts about Mafia 2

    I got Mafia 2 for Christmas, and I just finished the story in it. I have very mixed feelings about the game, I was both disappointed and impressed. Let me try to explain...

    I absolutely loved Mafia 1, I don't think I've ever played a game with a better story before or after that. It was like watching a good (mafia) film, where you can jump into the best scenes and play them. Yes, I even liked the race mission in the game that most people seemed to hate. The gameplay was solid too, driving around the city between the missions was enjoyable and fighting/shooting was fun, even if it had its flaws.

    Now, let's compare Mafia 1 to Mafia 2. Just like a lot sequels, I think Mafia 2 failed to live up to the expectations and all the hype around it. But, I think it's still a good game, it just isn't as good as I wanted it to be. Then again, that's a common problem when the first part(s) of the game are so good that it's hard to beat them, all Thief fans here should know it...

    What really made the first Mafia game so great and one of my favourite games ever was the story. I was hooked to the story from the beginning to the end. And unfortunately, I think that's where Mafia 2 failed the most. Don't get me wrong, the story doesn't actually suck in Mafia 2 either, in fact it was the driving force in it as well... but when you compare it to Mafia 2... bleh. Well, the cutscenes were well executed and enjoyable to watch, there were just so many things happening at such a quick pace that it was sometimes hard to tell what exactly was going on, and I got a bit confused with all the names.

    As a result the only characters in the game that I actually cared about were Vito (the protagonist) and his sidekick Joe. The others were rather meaningless and it didn't really bring any emotions in me when they got killed or I killed them... and that's not what a mafia game is supposed to be like. In one scene a close friend of yours gets killed, and it's probably supposed to be the most emotional part of the story, but about 30 minutes before that I wouldn't even have remembered who that "close" friend is!

    A few (or a lot) of "meaningless" missions really would have helped to make the game more immersive. In Mafia 1 you did a lot of small missions for the Salieri family, and even though they didn't really have anything to do with the main story, at least they made the family and these characters feel a lot closer and meaningful to you. And when things at the end of the game turned like they did, it actually made me feel like I had been betrayed.

    Mafia 2 skips all that "meaningless" content and concentrates only on what really is essential for the story... which unfortunately means that there's not much content at all! In fact it's possibly the shortest (full price) game that I've played. I spent a lot of time just driving around sometimes and exploring stuff, but I was done with the story in about 12 hours. The worst thing was the ending though, I really had no idea that the game was about to end, when suddenly the end credits started to roll in. Not to mention that the ending itself sucked big time as well... Of course I did a lot of questionable stuff throughout the game that I wouldn't do in real life (it's a mafia game after all), but what happened in the ending sequence was a big no-no for me. I wasn't expecting a happy ending or anything (Mafia 1 didn't exactly have one either but I still loved it) but that was a huge disappointment. Perhaps they just wanted to leave things open for a possible sequel or some downloadable content...

    Well, even if the story could and should have been better, I think they got the basic gameplay right at least. Driving around in Mafia 2 is a lot of fun. I was a bit worried when they mentioned the more "arcade" driving style in some of the reviews before, but I think it worked really well. I used the arcade driving mode throughout my first play through the game, the simulation mode didn't seem like a very good idea when playing with the keyboard and mouse. What I really missed though was car chases... come on, what's a mafia game without car chases?! Ok, there were a few short ones but nothing spectacular like in Mafia 1. Even the police couldn't seem to be bothered to chase me, it was really easy to outrun and escape from them, and I started wishing that they would punish you for driving through red lights as well as speeding like they did before.

    I thought that the fighting and shooting sequences worked very well too (I haven't played a lot of action games lately though so my expectations may be a bit lower). The fist fights seemed a bit pointless at times and they were definitely too easy - I don't think I ever lost any of them. But shooting and hiding behind the covers was great fun. I had read that the game is way too easy, but even though there were only a few tricky places in it, I didn't find it that easy. I did play on Hard difficulty though, and I got to admit that most of the scenes in the game didn't cause me too much trouble.

    The game looks really good, I was amazed when I saw the snowy Empire Bay for the first time. The music fits in well and helps to make the atmosphere more authentic. The voice acting and the cutscenes are top notch as well, even better than in Mafia 1.

    What makes me a bit sad is that Mafia 2 had so much potential to be a really great game. The lack of content even makes it feel like a bit of a rip-off. I was really excited about being able to tune and modify my cars and buying new suits and food and drinks (etc) at first, but to me it seems like there's no point in any of it. You never really need a better car in the game, it's easy enough to outrun anyone even with a standard non-tuned car. I never had to buy anything from a gun store, I always had more than enough weapons anyway. And I never went to any of the cafés or restaurants unless it was essential for the story. There's a big city to drive around and explore, but you always end up driving between the same few places.

    I picked up the two DLC mission packs (Joe's Adventures and Jimmy's Vendetta) on the Steam holiday sales for 1.98€ euros each, I'm going to play them next. But since they don't really have anything to do with the Mafia 2 story apparently, I expect to be slightly disappointed. Why oh why couldn't they put some more effort on the actual story mode...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    Then again, that's a common problem when the first part(s) of the game are so good that it's hard to beat them.
    Except that this time they didn't have to beat anything because Mafia 1 was already perfect. All they had to do was make another Mafia 1, but they feiled so badly that I haven't been buying czech beer ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Weiland View Post
    -- Mafia 1 was already perfect. All they had to do was make another Mafia 1 --
    I don't think it's as simple as just making "another Mafia 1", unless you mean that they should have done a remake of the original with only better graphics and stuff. I'm not sure if I'd pay the full price for that...

    Like I said, I really love Mafia 1, but I think it's far from perfect. Beyond the actual missions there was nothing else to do (well, apart from the side quests from the mechanic guy), the city felt more dead to me, even the action scenes and controls were a bit clunky at times (the gun reload bug, poorly balanced weapons, and the stupid AI for example were all bugging me). Oh, and the final "boss fight" was just silly and the ending credits music sounded too out of place.

    I liked the 50's setting in Mafia 2, the faster cars were certainly more fun to drive than the ones you had for the most part of Mafia 1. Empire Bay looks fantastic and the city feels quite realistic. It's just the story that goes wrong in Mafia 2 - it doesn't go deep enough and there's not enough to do. I don't think it "failed badly" like you say, the story in Mafia 1 was just a lot better executed (even if it recycled all the mafia cliches) and it's hard to compete with that. As a stand-alone game Mafia 2 would still have been pretty good, now it's just a somewhat disappointing sequel, but hardly a disaster.

    I would have been rather happy with Mafia 2 if there only was (a lot) more content: more of those little "meaningless" missions where you get to know your friends and enemies better, a longer story with the same amount of twists, but more content between the twists to build up the story...

    I just remembered that there are gas stations in Mafia 2 as well, and realised that I used the same car (the one that you steal in Chapter 2) for most of the game, and never had to refuel it. Why spend time making all those gas stations and restaurants and other shops if you're never going to need them? That smells like bad game design to me, or perhaps they had other, more ambitious plans for the game, but just had to rush things to reach some deadline or something. (Then again, I always wondered what was the point of functional gas stations in Mafia 1 as well...)

    P.S. I still like Czech beer.

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    All I have to say is you hit the nail pretty much right on the head, Tomi. That's exactly how I feel about Mafia 2, and it's especially tragic considering how special the original Mafia was.

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