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Thread: T1 FM: Uninvited Guests

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    T1 FM: Uninvited Guests

    I found very old T1 FM by Shock Troop.

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    Wow, that's an old one. How on earth did you find it? It's so old my unzip program can't even extract three of the files.

    I'm sure there are a few more really old missions floating around by folks who figured out dromed without joining one of the main communities. Ten years later, though, it's somewhat miraculous when one turns up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epithumia View Post
    How on earth did you find it?
    I was searching for a non-english language missions in old folders and found it.

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    I wander why authors didn't claim themselves about their missions.

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    It was released ten years ago, in 1999.

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    Yes. I noticed, though it gives no clues why author didn't post it here, ten years ago. Well, it's not necessary now...

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    I'm just thankful clearing is able to find all these lost gems and shine a new light on them

    Regardless of release date or quality - every mission deserves to be put out there in case it was passed over the first time.

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    Nice catch! I love the screenshots - it definitely harkens back to the early days. One look and you know it's one of the first!
    - eep!

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    I use 7-Zip and could not extract the files from the download. The 7z archive from worked.

    This was off to a great start when I saw Shock Troop had misspelled the title of their own mission as "Univited Guests" in the main menu. Finished on Anointed in 8 minutes with 1700 of 2075 total loot. Extremely basic architecture, basically as few textured boxes connected by corridors with some guards and loot scattered throughout. The objective is not displayed correctly in the menu, but it works. Uninvited Guests is not great, but it is at least playable.

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