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Thread: T1 FM: Wanted: Dead or Alive

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    T1 FM: Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Very old mission by SoulOnIce.

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    Thanks clearing! You're great at finding these old missions. Looking forward to playing it.

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    I am stuck. Has anyone played this?

    I got:
    1 silver key
    1 gold key
    2 brown keys
    2 triangle-toothed lockpicks
    1 square-toothed

    Objectives completed:

    There are several locked metal doors left, but none of the keys or lockpicks that I have are working. I searched the whole level twice, but did not find more keys.

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    There are a couple of bugs involving keys, including the prison key that does not work, that can be resolved by installing a dml by Voodoo available in his repository

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    Thank you, fortuni! The DML by Voodoo resolved the bugs with the keys. After restarting from the beginning, I was now able to finish the mission in around 35 minutes with all of the loot.

    Wanted - Dead or Alive is probably the ugliest mission I have seen outside the Total Crap Contest. I understand this is one of the first releases ever, but the lack of care is just ghastly. Most rooms are rectangular boxes with little added to make them look like a believable environment. Textures are not well chosen and are never properly aligned. All eight doors in the prison area can be picked, but the cells are empty except for the prisoners who either run to a fleepoint nearby or start wandering around as if they were blind. I also encountered one instance of a guard sunken into the floor up to his waist. There are several dead ends and a whole section of the mission that leads to nowhere and serves no purpose. Many torches, doorknobs, paintings, bottles and other objects float in mid-air. If you switch to the map screen, you can see the author did not bother to replace the map from The Thieves' Guild OM. And every time you pick up the sheriff's unconscious body, you get the "objective achieved" chime and a Garrett quip plays. Every time.

    If you aren't on a quest to play every Thief fan mission ever released, this is one you can skip: 1/10.

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