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Thread: need help with obse please

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    need help with obse please

    ok heres what ive done soo fare. ive created a shorcut for obse and even edited the scribt to have editor on the end of it and still obse will not work. i even click drag and drop obse onto oblivion in self it will start up but the says it has an error and needs to shut down. what should i do i downloaded a mod to play but needs obse to work please eny one with eny information would be much help. i am ion shambles because this is a great mod that i cant play please help me eny one

    installed all 5 obse files plus the obse loader into the oblivion directory
    tes construction set
    oblivion mod maneger

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    If you wrote a bit more coherently about your problem and actually took the time to properly spell your sentences, someone might be more inclined to spend some of their time in giving you an answer.

    As it is, your description is far too vague. You should be able to simply run the OBSE Loader instead of Oblivion to play with OBSE. You don't need the -editor part unless you want to use the Construction Kit.

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