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Thread: T2 FM: Disorientation (08-06-2009)

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    T2 FM: Disorientation (08-06-2009)

    Hello, Taffers!

    My second large fan mission, the sequel to Bad Debts, has been completed this weekend and uploaded to Rapidshare. Thanks to everyone who helped me finish it by betatesting, making custom resources or just being plain helpful or enthusiastic.

    Disorientation features extensive non-linear city exploration, but if you wish, you can press forward with your main objectives by following the instructrions your mysterious benefactor has provided you (you will find a scroll in your inventory). A high-resolution map has also been provided in the mission archive, and printing it might prove valuable if you are feeling lost. That said... if you see something that looks climbable, it probably is, so go ahead and see where it takes you.

    Download links:
    Thiefmissions (57 MB)
    Darklurker (57 MB)
    KoMaG (57 MB)


    Series information:
    All of my missions except Unbidden Guest (TMA) take place in a common setting and involve the same protagonist, although under different aliases - Talbot, Messer Johannes, Philby and others. None of them require previous knowledge of previous FMs, but there are common elements and a degree of continuity. The missions, in current order, are:
    1. Prowler of the Dark (TDP/Gold) (S): liberate a skull of paganic enchantment from an abandoned church, which is kept sealed and guarded by the Builders.
    2. Return to the City (The Dark Mod) (M): plunder the other side of the Builder complex to steal a pack of explosives. Patrols have been heightened because of the recent break-in. (This mission connects to the previous along the North/South axis - too bad I didn't have the time to let you revisit some old areas)
    3. Fiasco at Fauchard Street (The Dark Mod) (M): steal a collection of opals from the house of a wealthy usurer.
    4. Bad Debts (TMA) (XL): fallen on hard times, you take a job from a diminutive snitch to steal his letter of debt from Markus, a pawnshop owner/usurer (looks like a common theme). Rooftop extravaganza.
    5. Disorientation (TMA) (XL): following the events in the previous mission, you attract the unwanted attentions of Lady Azamlarg, district warden and judge, and have to break into her palace to deter her from further assassination attempts. More rooftops and conspiracies. (You are here!)
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    Congratulations Melan!!

    I have been looking forward to this for a very long time. Those screen shots look fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work and of course the mission! This makes me very happy!

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    Congratulations Melan! Downloading.

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    Holy smokes! I had no idea this was coming out so soon, this is fantastic

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    Location: Great. Now I can't get back in

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    Loving some of the bits of humor. For example: The complaint about the sculptor having a 'lewd' nipple visible from the window of his shop on one of his creations.

    Only been playing for a few minutes and I'm already having a blast - its got a great classic feel to it.

    Edit: The level design in this mission is unreal - anyone who is a fan of rooftop shenanigans and vertical gameplay needs to throw this one into darkloader immediately
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    Wow. Just a new FM. Congratulation Melan !

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    Yes!!!! Been waiting for this one.

    Big thanks, Melan and the testers!

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    Wonderful news! Thank you very much!

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    Awesome!!! Gonna play it now!

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    another mirror:

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    Your humor is excellent Melan: have I heard right one of the man: "I'd like to be a bird, sign in the morning, wait for a girlbird...." or something like that...

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    Aspirin: that's actually a Thief 2 default voice.

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    Ehm, sorry... I should repair my Thief knowledge...

    However, you are a master of vertical dimension. The city layout is outstanding. The flowing water way with tiny ledges above and many ways how to get there...

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    Nice one Melan, just the sort of FM I love, downloading now.

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    Completed with 440 loot short (I know about that file). I must say, some of those puzzling areas were a real treat to reach, some were a bitch.

    Pity you can't kill Garrett's 'colleague'. Is he dead?

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    I loved your first mission. Will definitely try this one out!
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    Ooh, thank you very much!!!! Downloading now!

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    aaaaaaaaaaaaand my productivity hits an all time low again

    Thanks Melan

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    It lools like both the filefront and flyinghope mirrors have corrupt files (darkloader seems to install ok after moaning a bit, though) - not tried the rapidshare one yet. WinRar thinks:

    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ CRC failed in Fam\OldMech\FAN01_5.PCX. The file is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ The archive is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ The archive is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ The archive is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ The archive is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ CRC failed in Fam\OldMech\GWAL1_1.PCX. The file is corrupt
    !   C:\games\DarkLoader\missions\ The archive is corrupt

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    Strange. Same message here. Try this one instead, it's tested (by me).

    Edit: I uploaded it on filefront again. Should work fine now.
    Last edited by fibanocci; 8th Jun 2009 at 09:37.

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    I just got an "archive is corrupt" from darkloader even though it seemed to install ok

    so I deinstalled the level with darkloader, extracted the entire archive to a new directory and made a new zip file containing the extracted files

    Darkloader installed the new zip file fine, the new zip came out to 54.26Mb and the original was 54.76 so maybe there was something up with the original zip program

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    I love your missions Melan, and have been anxious for this one. Screens look terrific! Thanks!

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    Congratulations on the release, Melan! Testing this one was a total blast and it's a must-play for anyone who loves to poke into every nook and cranny. Truly great fun!

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