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Thread: T2 FM: Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger (June 22, 2009)

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    T2 FM: Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger (June 22, 2009)

    Iím pleased to announce the release of Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger.

    I want to thank the beta testers who helped me find and correct several issues: potterr, MrMunkeepants, Undead Gamer, Poesta, Hotlyx, flying_hope, Gloria Creep, ShadowSoul.

    My thanks also to the folks in the editorís forum who provided answers and solutions to nearly all my questions before I even knew to ask them.

    A few notes on game play:

    • The current date is July 1.
    • Your sword and blackjack will make noise when you hit walls and shelves.
    • Most of the books and scrolls have hints on loot/equipment locations or puzzle solutions mixed in with background ramblings. Zenibaís note and M. Xanderís book contain essential information for getting started.
    • Pay attention to the hints given in the wise tiger notes. These can save your life.
    • Some lights open secret doors when frobbed.
    • There are multiple paths to get from place to place for most of the mission. If you find one path blocked or too dangerous, look for another way.
    • All loot can be obtained. In a few cases, there is high risk of injury.
    • The current in the canals is extremely fast, and you cannot swim against it. However, you can move against the current using the walls or the bottom of the canal.
    • Itís best to let sleeping Hammers sleep.

    Minor oddities:

    • Kamaji might get stuck behind one of the valves he operates. I think heís looking for something he can sell on the black market.
    • Yubaba might end up floating near the ceiling if you follow a specific sequence of actions. Itís one of her many powers.
    • When startled, the prisoner Marta often runs to the Hammer church even though sheís been told not to. Iím not sure of her motivation other than to cause chaos.
    • The sleeping Hammer workers may run down to the foundry when exceptionally startled. This does make sense since they work there.

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    Thanks for this, Iīve been waiting anxiously as I love the series.

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    Cool, just got it. Thanks a bunch!

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    Mirrored at, with the lootlist. Looks like it's a busy day for FMs!

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    Been looking forward to this one, thank you!

    Now to find time to play it, haha.

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    Is this a standalone or campaign mission? Either way, this comes first for meh.


    Edit: Whoops, readme said it's the 3rd mission out of 6. Cool, an ongoing project. And 6 missions instead of 5 then, hehe. Either there was and interesting beginning or a really interesting ending planned. Have fun dromeding dude.
    Last edited by Thor; 22nd Jun 2009 at 17:12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epithumia View Post
    Looks like it's a busy day for FMs!
    (looks over thread list)

    Do you know something we don't?

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    I suppose he just meant this one mission. With a good reason too - it's huge!

    Ouch, jumped over the walls (since i could'nt open the lock) and got stuck in a mini garden/park.

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    Rockin!! Can't wait to get into this 2nite!! Thanks.

    There's also a Wicked Relics mission posted over on
    If at first you don't succeed...reload and try again!

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    I suppose he just meant this one mission.
    Nope. Another one will come tonight (if the rumours are true.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Do you know something we don't?
    I know nothing you can't glean from a quick visit to (Well, when it comes to FMs, at least.)

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    Rofl. Why no thread? O.o

    Edit: Wow, cool effect on the walls. O.o It's original and nice. I feel I'm going to like this mission, though texturing a house all in 1 texture does seem a bit scary at start at least.
    Last edited by Thor; 22nd Jun 2009 at 19:29.

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    I generally leave forum announcements to the author of a mission.

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    That link for Wicked Relics wasnt supposed to go out until kfort had a chance to make her own announcement thread is why it has no thread - she'll be making the thread tonight from what the beta testers were told.

    To get back to Claw Of The Tiger so far I've had alot of fun with it in the few minutes I've been able to steal in order to play. Normally not a fan of "oh you've been locked in prison with no gear!" missions but in this one its handled really well and doesn't get frustrating. Im looking forward to finishing it up! Thanks again Catman.

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    Thanks man!

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    I was waiting for another update, but you, sneaksy Taffer DID IT!!!!
    Good for you!!!
    Lots of success!!!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Spoiled today, 2 new missions .

    Thanks a lot for the new mission , lots of Thieving ahead.

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    Thank you Catman and congrats on the release! I enjoyed the first two very much and am greatly looking forward to playing this one!

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    Been looking forward to this - well done getting it finished, Catman
    Always lots to do & lots to enjoy in your missions.

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    Congratulations and thanks catman, I will enjoy playing your fm on my new pc.

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    aw cool

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    Dang it, would've finsihed but I have to go away now.

    Awesome mission, just have the riddle left to solve... July 1st eh? What year? How do you find out?

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    excellent !

    Sooo happy... can't talk..... thieving.....

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    okay, i'm stuck

    i can't find the evidence room key or any rope arrows

    i've completed all the objectives except the ones relating to the evidence room and finding the tiger claw, but i'm assuming i need the rope arrows to get up in that room in the mine(?)

    also, in the bath house, why does the one bed light up as if i'm supposed to do something with it?

    thank you for any help

    can't be me, i washed a few days ago

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