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Thread: I Hate Oblivion

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    If you want to kill him brutally just download deadly reflex and crush his head to pieces or cut him in half or whatever you want

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    lol, there's like 3 billion reasons as to why oblivion is an epic fail, and you get all picky just about the elf in the prison?


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    'Epic fail' is pretty much nonsense, just so you know. But welcome to TTLG all the same.

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    well, not wanting to start a rant about it, but, "nonsense" was actually the word that poped up most in my mind while I played this game... Believe me, I tried like hell to like this game, because I actually liked a few things in it, but the more I played the more it looked like "nonsense" to me.

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    Wow, SpiDol really never came back, hilarious. WTF planet do these people come from?

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    You're right. Gone from the forums completely.

    Funny thing is that the "problem" was addressed in SpiDol's first Oblivion thread. Well, that and the fact that he joined up in 2006.

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    yea I hate the game too, the sky is too blue, and it's not realistic: an hour takes only an minute and a minute last's only for a second... also you can walk on water, and there's no santa claus there!
    I'm tired of you oblivion likers, so I'm gonna pack my back and leave this dead-end family!
    You're gonna all be like "where's miguel?! I miss miguel!!"
    good bye!

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    oh no, not miguel!!!

    I knew we should have been nicer to him and Bethesda should have made a better game. Now he's gone and it's too late.

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    Bloke can't be much of a keeper if 'e can't even keep imself 'ere, innit?

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    We can do better that another N pages of this thread. We do.

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    but i need to be ENTERTAINED

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    Yes, that's all nice and well, people, but where is MIGUEL!?


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    You... you... mean me? I did nothing wrong...

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