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Thread: Help with Telekinesis?

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    Help with Telekinesis?

    I've been having some trouble with the telekinesis spell.

    I can't seem to get it to work on switches or on some smaller items.

    If I equip the spell and aim at something large like a barrel (so the purple swirly stuff highlights the barrel), my character raises both hands and can telekinetically lift and throw it.

    But sometimes when I aim at something small (and on all the switches I've tried), my character only raises one hand, and although the item or switch is highlighted, nothing happens when I click.

    Anyone have any advice about this? Is this spell even supposed to work on switches? Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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    There are a number of items on which telekinesis simply doesn't work for no particularly apparent reason. But if it's not working for you on any switches, maybe you just need to click the other button?

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    Hey, thanks for replying.

    What other button do you mean?

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    question about telekinisis

    i need help. i've known that i can do stuff that others cannot. i've been practicing vigerously for some time and im only getting sperattic results. however recently i've started wondering if im actualy doing telekinisis. you see i have no problem with infuencing my own energy. i can call it any part of my body that i want to and controle it there. i can buld it and spin it and on rare occasions release it in minor amounts. im beginning to believe that im not doing TK at all but simply hitting my psi wheel with my own energy and now im wanting to know if some1 can help me with how to release it with greater impact. if any1 has help 4 me plz let me know.

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    get a better PSU

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