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Thread: Arkane Studios working on BioShock 2

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    Arkane Studios working on BioShock 2

    Arkane's website has been updated, with an announcement that they are working with 2K Marin on BioShock 2.
    Arkane Studios is pleased to announce its collaboration with 2K Marin and contributions to BioShock 2 in the areas of design, animation and art. We're excited about this game, which underscores Arkane Studios' core values.
    So how long have you known this, Digi?

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    I wouldn't be surprised if their main task was churning out DLC expansions.

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    Arkane is involved doing level design?

    All of a sudden, I'm now interested in it.

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    I've known that for about a year.

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    So, between 2k Australia doing the engine tech, Digital Extremes doing the multiplayer, and Arkane doing art and level design... What, exactly, is 2k Marin doing again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fafhrd View Post
    What, exactly, is 2k Marin doing again?
    The whipping.

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