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Thread: High-res objects for Terra Nova

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    High-res objects for Terra Nova

    This program scales object textures (buildings, vehicles and explosions) to the highest resolution (256*256) the engine allows. The vegetation (trees, rocks) is left to original size since Terra Nova runs out of memory when hundreds of trees have large textures. Ground textures are not updated. The scaling is done using the Scale2x algorithm. Images are not just enlarged, the best pixel colour is always chosen to give smoother lines and round corners.

    I didn't test this mod as well as the one for System Shock (must use Dosbox), but it probably won't cause problems since there are usually few 3D objects in missions.

    High-res objects for Terra Nova
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    Gigaquad brings the awesomeness once again.

    That's very cool; I look forward to trying it out!

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    AMAZING !!!!!!!

    Thats Amazing man.Its a long time since i played terranova yet as its among my favourite games of all time i may play it one more time!

    Is there any way to increase the memory allocation for the engine ?

    I remember many old games had memory limitations but somehow fans modded them (For example grand prix legends from 128x128 was modded to support 512x512 )

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    anybody still working on this ?

    Anybody still working on this ? I would be amazing having a high res version
    of the game....

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    Thanks! I'm not working on it, so hopefully someone is...

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    Thats a real pity man... I hoped somebody would pick this up as it is bloody amazing but sadly there are not enough people even knowing that there is such an update....

    Maybe if a page was made in the moddb for terranova and this update more people gave a thought about the possibility of modding the game....

    I know messing with c++ is a living hell yet many old games were updated to handle high resolution textures and complex models like grand prix legends,duke nukem,doom(with the doomsday updated engine) etc....I can only dream how nice the game could look having high res textures for all the world and maybe even running with a higher resolution....

    Anyway for all its worth think about the moddb page ---i am certain it would attract many talented people with fond memories of terranova....

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    By the time I actually got around to playing TN again, I'd completely forgotten about this. I've just installed it now :) Thanks again, Gigaquad!

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    Hi guys, just a quick post:

    Do you think Terra Nova: SFC could be re-made or "ported" to the XL-Engine when said engine is ready some time in the future? That could, I think, mean multi-player support among higher resolution and so on. I have not gotten much response from the guys over at the XL-Engine website & forum, and think you guys are the ones to ask, judging by how you hex-edit Terra Nova and what not. Terra Nova's engine itself is, from what I have read here at TTLG, incapable of much modernization.

    Links to mentioned websites:

    Edit: Perhaps this should be posted in this topic instead ?

    Greetings from

    C.H from XL-Engine forum.
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    I would be a little surprised if XLEngine was well suited to Terra Nova, to be honest. The games it supports currently have pretty different rendering requirements to TN.

    Frankly, I'm not sure that very many modern game engines would be capable of rendering the landscapes for a genuine modern Terra Nova re-make.

    There are definitely options, of course. The Far Cry games seem to provide the best examples of genuinely large viewing distances, and the more recent Tribes games would be pretty good starting points for obvious reasons.

    The real work is in implementing all of the gameplay systems and game content, of course, so I suspect it's a pretty academic discussion.

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    Alright, I see your point.

    I was not giving TN's view-distance aspect enough thought, and basically envisioned something far from Far-Cry (no pun intended) etc. in terms of graphics and quality. - Something more like what could have been if we had the TN source-code. TN is TN largely due to the view-distance that brought with it the low-res. viewport. I agree with you but do have a gut feeling telling me something similar can be done today with higher resolution. - Not going to start anything as this type of discussion can turn pretty academic fast if conclusions are to be made, and I am not that academic.

    Then again; should TN ever see a re-make it might as well be shining bright in every aspect. Would be one huge task as you say, though something quite different from today's games in the genre.
    I personally love the style and whole physics & simulation part of the game; how we simply do not control a floating camera, the servo-sounds, suit-failures and so on. What other games gives a similar experience? Much of that stuff is not present in the Tribes series if I remember correctly.

    Well, one can still fantasize. Who knows what the future will bring?

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    The tricky thing about Terra Nova's terrain rendering was that it only looked good at those low resolutions -- as I recall, it took advantage of the large pixels to 'fake' the texture mapping of the distant terrain, because you couldn't tell the difference.

    Any remake would surely need to render in a resolution higher than 320x400, and therefore would probably need a completely different approach.

    I'm sure there's an article by Sean Barrett on the subject of Terra Nova's renderer floating around somewhere, in which he describes that technique, but I can't find it :/

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    I'm thinking of playing TN again and thought I'd have a look at this hi-res objects pack but I get a time out when trying to download it.
    Anyone know of any other links?

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    Location: Finland Here is a temporary download. I need to find a new web host, the old one is not coming back online.

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    Thanks gigaquad.
    I have not tried installing TN yet. I'm thinking DOSBox will be the way to go? I'll probably give it a bash next weekend.

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    I would recommend using DOSBox on any remotely modern PC (i.e. I started recommending that approach five years ago).

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    Cool idea to use a modern scaling filter on the textures. Thanks Gigaquad, I'll be hosting a mirror here if you don't mind.

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    I have created a new Terra Nova fansite for my files. Nothing has changed in years except the links section, which I always try to keep up to date.

    I know that recent Terra Nova and System Shock players on some forums have been asking for files from my old website. I guess I owe you an explanation. I was bedridden with pain this autumn, turns out I have leukemia. I have been in hospital for several months getting chemo, going back for more tomorrow. Have decent odds from doctors and responding well to treatment. On the plus side, I now have an implant in my neck into which the nurses inject detox, medipatch and staminup stims.

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    So sorry to hear that news, Gigaquad. My best wishes, and I hope the drugs do a really kick-ass job for you!

    Thanks so much for re-hosting all that TN goodness again, too.

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