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Thread: Making a multilanguage patch

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    Making a multilanguage patch

    So i was searching on the internet for some localized thief gold and 2 games in good condition and i stumbled upon a lot of games from france, italy, china etc.
    Then i was thinking that i made the "german patch" for the non GOG versions a few years ago, so why not make a Multilanguage patch this time so everyone can enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

    And since this forum has thief players from so many different countrys i thought that maybe you guys could send me the needed files from your installation and i test everthing before releasing it.

    Needed Files for Thief Gold would be:
    • the whole "MOVIES" folder
    • books.crf
    • fam.crf
    • intrface.crf
    • snd.crf
    • strings.crf
    • thief.exe

    And for Thief 2:
    • the whole "MOVIES" folder
    • the whole "RES" folder
    • install.cfg
    • intrface.crf
    • obj.crf
    • USER.CFG

    Also if anyone with some experience is interested in helping with creating the patch itself, it would be great since i'm not sure if all the listed files are really needed.


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    There is no official french version of Thief Gold as far as I know, only an unofficial patch.

    As for Thief 2, I made a patch to transform an english version of it into the french one, which you can download from here. Just like GoldToDark, the archive doesn't include the original files, but only delta files, utilities and a script that uses those to recreate the original files so you can get them that way if you want.

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