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Thread: Something that bothers me

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    Something that bothers me

    so I got the recent fixes for both T1 and T2 so they could run on my pc, but there's something that irks me, the blackjack (and probably other models) don't look like the vanilla versions of what the models should be, blocky, anyone know how to remedy this?
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    You can just delete the new texture files from the Thief folder, and it will revert to the original ones

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    not installing mods ought to do it.

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    well how can I play thief 1&2 without the Tfix or Tafferpatcher? and not have the out of place blackjack?

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    The fix packages for both games provide options during installation to tailor the experience. The cleanest way to solve this would be to run the patchers again and ensure the relevant chechboxes are not checked.

    For T2Fix, the checkbox that should not be checked to maintain those original models is labelled “Complete Mission and Resource Fix”. By doing this, however, you also opt out of several other fixes, though by the sound of it, that will not be a problem.

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    deselecting T2 style meshes would do it for TFix.

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    Thanks ^W^

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