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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    I'm Thinking of Ending Things is the best new film I've seen in quite a long time.

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    I was going to write something about that one. The big "puzzle" by itself isn't all that spectacular. Kaufman already basically gives it away 13 minutes in, but the movie doesn't really get full into it until the last 20 minutes or so, which makes it a bit lopsided, although that's maybe necessary.

    But where I think the movie really shines is in all the mini-puzzles the big puzzle introduces to every scene for the guy looking back on his life, especially the self-referential and more metaphorical ones. It's really hard to talk about that movie in the abstract though. You have to talk through examples. Anyway, if I get some time it's on my list to give my own reading of it.

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    I just binged Challenger: The Final Flight on Netflix. I wanted to start one and see the rest in the course of a few days, but I just couldn't stop. Even when you know the story, it's just harrowing to see there were so many opportunities to prevent this tragedy, and the ones who tried were powerless to do it...

    As one review said, an actual miniseries (i.e. with actors rather than a doco) would make for an excellent counterpoint to HBO's Chernobyl. A combination of cutting edge technology and hubris, and smart investigators who smell through the BS to nail the real culprits behind the disaster...

    I liked that it really explored the general political context at the time, not just NASA's internal management, and that it went in depth into who each of the crew was, instead of focusing on McAuliffe. I found it to be pretty good, and very emotional at times.
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    Tonight, halfway watching "The Boys" S02E05, I realized I don't care about the show anymore. I don't care what happens to The Boys, I don't care what happens to the Soups. I'm done with show. I don't know yet why. It just bores me. I'll probably watch the remaining episodes some time this month. But S02 is clearly a lot worse than S01.

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    Completely agree. Been a definite drop in quality. It's far less binge worthy compared to season 1. A few of the episodes have been quite boring. Not sure what the reason for the drop is.

    I read that Seth Rogen left after s1.

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