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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Yeah, that's actually a decent list (for his earlier movies; I detest Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon, and I'm not sure about his 00s-onward work). The best of his movies lie squarely in the 80s, IMO - Police Story, Armour of God, and Project A are just an incredibly solid run. The earlier ones like Drunken Master are no slouches either, and while I love the big budget ones best for their overall cinematic package, I found that the homelier, smaller scale fights from the 70s showcased his physical comedy prowess much more.
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    My wife saw Sinbad at a performance at one of the casinos in Tunica before he died and Sinbad asked of the audience who was the leading tough guy lately and when my wife replied Jackie Chan he said but Jackie is getting old. He is banged up and can't move like he used to. Sinbad then went on with some joke I forget but I thought then how sad that was. He was so badass. Nothing lasts. And then I thought he could still kick my ass ten times over so I shouldn't feel too bad for him.

    Anyway I had watched Casablanca again yesterday so when we were looking for one tonight some old ones popped up as suggestions and we hadn't seen Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in "The Keeper of the Flame". I love old movies. They remind me of those watched as a kid. These days if something is in black and white it won't be considered by today's youth. But they should. It was a sort of murder mystery without a murderer. I don't want to say too much about it but we both recognized the essence of Trump in it. The demagogue. The manipulator. The shill pocketing as much money as could be squeezed from the rubes. There was even a part where a closet was revealed that contained writings almost analog representations of today's internet manipulations. It's strange how things change but we stay the same. You should watch it. Often back then they foretold the same mistakes which we make again but had a noble fight I fear we will forget. We must never forget.

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