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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Just watched Season 2 of the Mandalorian. The recurring characters and plotlines from season 1 were great, the cameos from other, shittier Star Wars properties in every single episode were stupid as hell. I dunno how you take something that managed to go a full season without milking the original films/prequels/cartoons/etc outside of "how this universe works" kind of stuff and a few cringy things that are just continued misapplications of the source material and make no sense (i.e. carbonite being a normal bounty hunter thing and not a freezing-gas-process-they-tested-on-han-and-didn't-know-if-it-would-work thing and Tattooine being a backwater shithole in the middle of nowhere but somehow in every goddamn SW story ever) and turn it into "which character can we squeeze into this episode because we can't have the universe feeling too large and we wouldn't want to accidentally make something that isn't fucking garbage and holy shit we made something good how can we spin this into 4 other things" type of thing. So now we're back to the good SW stuff being the first two movies, the Last Jedi, Jedi Knight 2, and KotOR 2. And season 1 of the Mandalorian. GG Disney.
    The start of this Half in the Bag episode about Rogue One pretty much sums it up:

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    The Expanse.

    How are they going to cram in an ending to this in one final 10 episode season?!

    It's been great.

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    I just finished watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. It's not really my go-to type of show but I'm running out of Netflix shows to watch. I was pretty surprised at how good it was. I remember my sister watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and how dumb I though the show was but the reboot, if you can call it that, is pretty good.

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    I watched a few more episodes of Star Trek Discovery 3rd season, to the point where they get rid of Philippa Georgiou. But not before they've indulged in another crowd pleasing episode of ridiculously evil universe.
    Because there's nothing better to make every viewer feel good about themselves than to dress a couple of known actors in Sgt. Pepper uniforms, exchanging Nazi salutes and stupidly trying to kill each other over.

    This evil universe always was a lame satire, lacking any fascination of evil, much less an explanation of how a society could even work like that. It's just utterly inefficient. That's of course because it only serves as a foil to the goodness of the other universe. You're not supposed to recognize yourself in it, there's nothing seducing about it, it's just stupid.

    And yet. Given the constant cringe this series has devolved to, it is the best this season and STD as a whole has to offer at this point. A bunch of false bad guys redressed for an Aesop you can see coming from 10 miles away, are still more entertaining than the same actors falling over themselves to cry harder in sympathy for each other. God damn, even Brooklyn 99 has more grit than this shit. And that's not their achievement.

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    Yeah, apart from the great looking future tech and it not being the same old it's got pretty silly.

    I kind of hate Michael now. Why is she always WHISPERING?
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    TBH, I started watching Discovery again earlier this year (or maybe December) and I'm not that impressed (I thought I had seen the first episode last time, turned out I hadn't even bothered to finish the first act...)

    It's not I think it's bad, it's just, not really good. I'm about 5 eps into S2 and I haven't put the next one in like two weeks. I have the feeling I'd put it if there was nothing else to watch.

    I dunno, I find it extremely unoriginal overall, it's watchable but utterly forgettable too. Kinda had the same with Picard, I watched the first couple of episodes, then just... stopped.

    I suppose that, with stuff like The Expanse pushing the boundaries, the Trek verse feels pretty trite nowadays.

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    Man of Steel. Again.

    This is, imho, the best DC film and one of the best superhero films there is. It's so much more mature than the Marvel lols. I really like it and think it's very well cast.

    I don't get the hate it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolya View Post

    This evil universe always was a lame satire, lacking any fascination of evil, much less an explanation of how a society could even work like that. It's just utterly inefficient.
    Yeah, totally agree. But at least in ST:TOS before going back to their own universe, Kirk had a conversation with goatee Spock, and evil Spock acknowledged that Mirror Mirror universe was doomed to fail.

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