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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    verbose douchebag
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    Cloud Atlas was much better the second time I watched it.

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    Interesting. I enjoyed watching it, but I don't want to watch it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dethtoll View Post
    That sounds like fun*.

    * not fun at all, but I still want to see
    I should note that the film was almost 3 hours long but that there is also a 2 hour cut floating around too. It was a lot to take in so the ideal might be the 2 hour version with the extra material as DVD extras.

    Some more stuff from the local film festival:

    Frances Ha - this is the first time I've watched a Noah Baumbach film and actually wanted to hang out with the characters after the credits roll. Don't get me wrong, I like his other stuff but I definitely feel something of a relief when they end. Not so here.

    Upstream Color - technically superb, with a mood and texture to luxuriate in, Carruth is definitely a director to keep an eye on but I'd like him to not star in his next film. He's certainly better here than he was in Primer but he was still a bit of a blank and I found that hurt the love story a little. The actress was fantastic, however, and I hope to see more of her.

    The Rocket - a real crowd-pleaser that is more than a little predictable but is given some depth and dimension by its detailed Laos setting.

    A Touch of Sin - an ambitious, multi-character look at contemporary China, with a focus on violence, corruption and the disenfranchised. It unfortunately front-loads its most compelling story threads and kinda drags from then on.

    We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks - a solid, if unspectacular, documentary that was much more even-handed than I was expecting.

    The Great Beauty - the Fellini influence, in particular La Dolce Vita, is very strong in this Italian film but it is in no way derivative. Utterly gorgeous, and equal parts funny and moving, I was swept away from the opening moments. This has been the standout of the festival so far.

    Mud - Jeff Nichols is easily one of the best directors working in American today. This Twain-esque fable is probably the lesser of his three films so far but it is still very good stuff and contains another great performance from the recently redeemed Matthew McConaughey.

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    I just watched Argo. Great film, really tense, though it was disappointing to see yet another film where people from the middle east are depicted either as mindless drones or wide-eyed, shouty fundamentalists. I was interested to learn that the US supported a coup d'etat to overthrow their government after they nationalised the oil though. No wonder Iran doesn't like the US much. I can't imagine what I'd feel if some other country decided to replace my government because it decided to return ownership of natural resources to public control. I'd probably be livid and see that country as an aggressor.

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    I thought is was quite refreshing in that it didn't portray all the Iranians as evil or dumb. Many people were just... people. The guards in the airport for example - they were just dudes doing their job, no?

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    verbose douchebag
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    Location: Lyon, France
    The guys at the airport were dumb, angry revolutionaries being outsmarted by Ben Affleck.
    I could be being over-sensitive though, given the current climate and my personal stake by association with the missus.

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    I checked out the first few episodes of Metalocalypse, mostly thanks to dethtoll's recommendation*. Like most Adult Swim series I've seen it's a bit hit and miss, but when it does hit it can be hilarious. Here's one of the better scenes, Nathan Explosion trying his hand at being a prop comic:

    Yeah those of you who though Family Guy was too low-brow might wanna give this one a miss.

    * IIRC it went something along the lines of "Metalocalypse is the worst thing ever and it is ruining Metal."

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    I wouldn't say worst thing ever.

    It's up there though.

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    After failing to see what is so great about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia numerous times, I gave a few more episodes a go and been getting into it. While it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it's amusing and pretty mindless for when I just want to switch my brain off and watch someone get hurt or insulted

    Tho, halfway through season 2, I am growing a bit weary of the cast since they're pretty much equally insufferable assholes and hypocrites with no redeeming qualities. I know that's the show's whole shtick, but it gets a little repetitive/1-dimensional after a while.

    Also, half the episodes are like Charlie-centric, the show's practically all about his weirdness.

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    Tonight I watched the director's cut of Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven on Blu-ray, and I thought it was so vastly better than the theatrical cut that it's almost a different movie. I've always thought it was an okay movie but nothing special, but this director's cut elevates it to pretty damn good, IMHO.

    In fact, I don't think I've ever seen such a dramatic difference in quality between a theatrical and director's cut of a movie. Maybe Blade Runner (also by Ridley Scott) also has this, but I've never actually seen the theatrical cut of BR, so I don't really know.

    So if you found Kingdom of Heaven to be pretty meh, give the director's cut a chance, you might be surprised. And watch it in HD quality, it's a very beautiful movie to look at. It's long though (190 min.), it's not boring but it will take up a whole evening.

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    I've heard that about KoH. I've never seen it so I'll make sure when I do it'll be the director's cut.

    I saw Runner Runner yesterday. Meh. 3/5

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    On the KoH Director's Cut: I am no big fan of Orlando Bloom and find him bland at the best of times. However, the DC is rich enough for Bloom not to harm the film in any major way. I'd consider KoH (DC) my favourite Ridley Scott film in a long, long time.

    Of course, Eva Green always helps.

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    Just discovered Tron: Uprising on Netflix.
    Visually its very Peter Chung, and I really like the hybrid 3D / Cell animation style.

    Solid, great interpretation of the story, even if its got one glaring plot inconsistency with Tron: Legacy.
    I like the reenactments of certain scenes from the movie, and I love the fact that Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are reprising their roles. (and Olivia Wylde)
    Also Paul Reubens. It's turning out that I love every role he has played except for the one he is famous for, go figure. And Aaron Paul was awesome in the 2 episodes he was in. Not to mention Lance Henrikson, who is good in any role even if the rest of it sucks.

    Paige is a babe. I think she's my #1 not-a-real-girl crush right now. (sorry Alyx).

    I find it interesting that after watching the cartoon, I went back and watched Tron: Legacy since I hadn't seen it since it was in the theatres. And I kept finding myself wishing it was animated rather than live-action. The cartoon seems so much more crisp, and the programs just seem more... programmy? and less normal human, which I like.

    Check it out if you haven't yet. Disney apparently isn't making any more episodes, but hasn't officially cancelled it yet. They want to know more people will watch the show if they make more episodes.

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    So my roomate was watching Rules of Engagement.

    Terrible.....just TERRIBLE.

    The phrase in another thread about how American sitcoms now consist of "lazy humor based on exaggerated stereotypes" is a very apt description of this show.

    I suffered through two whole episodes playing in the background and didn't laugh once. In fact i never even chuckled and never even cracked a grin. The show is just the definition of the word boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitions Advocate View Post
    and I love the fact that Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are reprising their roles. (and Olivia Wylde)
    Jeff Bridges was not voicing CLU in Uprising. Original dialogue was Fred Tatasciore doing his best Jeff Bridges impression, and they use some audio clips from the flashbacks in Legacy when they show the same flashbacks in Uprising.

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    Metallica Through The Never

    Let's get this straight - this is just a concert. The other bit is about 5% of the show.

    If you like Metallica you'll like this. Great performances, great showmanship and great production. The playlist is a bunch of classics too so if you like only all post Load stuff you'll be disappointed.

    But, if like me, you like the 80s and early 90s stuff and you've never seen them live then yep, it's all good. There are newer tracks in it but the real killers for me were Master of Puppets, One and Orion. Hetfield's vocals aren't great but who cares? Hammett is amazing. AAAAmazing.

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    What have you watched lately?

    Quote Originally Posted by NuEffect View Post
    Metallica Through The Never
    I love how there's a writing credit for all four band members AND the director. The story really is just throwaway fluff.

    But yeah, the stage show is terrific. The only disappointment is how they cut short Sanitarium.

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    Check out my post number. You couldn't plan it.

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    Finished watching all of the seasons of Breaking Bad after speeding through the episodes over the last 2 months. Absolutely loved the show. Easily one of the best that I've watched in a very long time. So sad to see the show finished.

    With BB finished off, its back to X-Files.

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    I just watched Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes). It's my kind of fucked up. I haven't seen the Tom Cruise remake (Vanilla Sky) so I don't know if it compares (it didn't get great reviews), but the original Spanish version was really cool to follow. It didn't go the direction I thought it was going to at first, but it played it better than other movies playing with its trope. It managed to pull the viewer into his psychosis, like Jacob's Ladder, in a good sense. And the ending was the right way to go IMO; I mean I might have played it out differently, but it was the right ending. Good movie.

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    It's been so long that I can hardly remember that film. You might like another by the same director called Thesis, although it isn't a psychological thriller of the reality bending kind.

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    I very much enjoyed the Cruise remake - not seen the original yet though and must make the effort to do so (though I keep leaving my glasses at work, which are necessary for subbed films).

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    I saw Prisoners recently and it was frikking gripping all the way through. A bit of a roller coaster, lots of ethical thingamees, great acting (Donnie Darko is especially good in it), terribly sad in parts but just a good film. I don't know that I'd do it again though.

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    Captain Phillips.

    A good film ruined by shaky cam.

    I must have missed at least half an hour of it closing my eyes and I may have dozed off because of it. If I'd known I wouldn't have watched it at all.
    Telepathy is not mind reading. It is the direct linking... ...of nervous systems... ...separated by space.

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    You shoulda checked the director: Paul Greengrass's whole cinematic approach is almost entirely based on shaky-cam. I'm looking forward to seeing it myself but how does that 'shaky-cam' effect compare to his other films (e.g Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, United 93)? I've been able to handle his hand-held camera style fine in the past but if he's pushing it even further in Captain Phillips then I might have trouble too.

    Watched West of Memphis last night: fucking hell, what a mess. (the situation, not the film)

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