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Thread: Just your average cancer charity thread

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    Just your average cancer charity thread

    As you probably know, Covid-19 has messed up pretty much everything of everything. Including charities. They're struggling to get the funding now.

    One that I've signed up for about a year ago is DKMS, to help cure blood cancer. This is one of the trickier ones, they need a DNA sample to see if you're compatible. If you're a match, it may only require some of your blood, or if it's a bad case, some of your bone marrow. Less pleasant. Why did I sign up for this very unpleasant thing? Because some famous guy I don't even like told me to, and in my own arrogance I thought "I'm better than this clown!". Your reasons may differ. But also, cancer is what killed my wife. Just not this type, but meh, if I can help...

    "Even though the pandemic restrictions are beginning to ease and were resuming some aspects of normal life, people continue to be diagnosed with blood cancer. And people continue to die from blood cancer unless they find a matching stem cell donor, so Im asking for your help to raise more awareness about this.

    When I emailed you at the start of the lockdown in March, we saw an incredible surge of people spreading the word about DKMS, and thousands signed up to the UK Blood Stem Cell Register as a result. For that, I cannot express my gratitude enough. You gave hope at a time when it was so needed.

    Since then, however, the number of people joining the register has fluctuated, and were bracing ourselves for another decline in the number of people signing up to be potential lifesavers as lockdown ends. Yet the need for blood stem cell donors did not slow down for COVID-19, and it certainly does not stop now. In fact, were expecting an increase in the number of patients needing our support in the coming months, as our clinicians tell us that transplants that had to be deferred or postponed due to the pandemic, can now go ahead.

    Were always working to raise awareness of blood cancer and blood disorders, and the importance of registering as a blood stem cell donor. But, undoubtedly, our biggest asset in doing this is you. Simply by forwarding this email, or sharing information on social media, or telling your relatives or friends, you can help give someone a second chance of life.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Pearce


    I told Jon I'd do my best, and this is me, doing my best. Now donate. Give DNA and cash.

    Or whatever anti-cancer-thingy you prefer.

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    Donated cash. They won't take my blood. I've tried before. I lived in the UK at the wrong time and for too long. Possible Mad Cow and no way to test. I really wish I could. I have a high school buddy whose wife has this. They have the most beautiful little girl and I really would like to help her mom be there for her wedding one day.

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