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Thread: Trying to find some FMs

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    Trying to find some FMs

    Lost my full FM archive some time back and there's two major images that still come to mind, but I'm just not quite able to pin em down by name.

    1) I'm not sure if this one was TG or T2 but it probably looked more like the former. I believe it was a standard city streets mission. There's a particular area that I remember: An abandoned district much like the Sealed Section, perhaps a part of it. Something I remember was there being some of the TG Keeper statues along a wall, I think above a closed gate. The ground had some piles of red and orange dirt/leaves, I believe. I don't think there were any undead around, or any NPCs at all. I don't remember if it was accessed through some secret or the like.

    2) This one I think was from T2. I remember some crypt chamber that was a tall cylinder in shape, with a winding staircase downward that was likely broken off in some area. Definitely some rope arrows were involved. I think at the bottom in the inner chamber, there was the corpse of a thief. in visuals, I think it had some very predominately blue lighting. I can't remember anything besides that.

    I couldn't find any screenshots of either, I'm afraid. Hope this may be enough. Any direction is appreciated.

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    First one sounds like Unbidden Guest by Melan.

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    Second sounds vaguely like Unholy Vivd Innocence, but I don’t think that had the broken staircase you mentioned.

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    Unbidden Guest may have been it. The visual in my head doesn't fully match up with the abandoned section, but there's always a chance my memory is heavily skewed.

    I haven't ever played Unholy Vivid Innocence. Upon further reflection, I'm don't think the crypt may have been blue, just a more neutral lighting, or maybe a bit orange from torches. Could be mixing it up with some I can remember more strongly.

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    maybe the second one is Saints and Thieves?

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    Your description of the abandoned district sounds more like Bad Debts to me than Unbidden Guest.

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    ah, yep! was startin to think it was that one. it was a Melan mission either way!

    Saints and Thieves is also for sure the second one!

    thanks a bunch, folks.

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