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Thread: The Dark Mod released!!

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    The patch is a blunt force trick, I forgot about the doomconfig.cfg.

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    Do you guys realize you're responding to a post from about 7 months ago? Just checking...

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    The internet never sleeps

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    opps heh.

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    Just in case anybody missed the news, v1.07 has been released

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    Just wondering if there's a way to change the mouse sword strike settings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brethren
    I was surprised to see no acknowledgement of the 5 year anniversary of the release of TDM (or maybe I just missed it). I know the mod has been around in other forms longer than that, but I always think of the day that TDM was first released to the public with the training mission, Chalice of Kings, Crown of Penitence, and The Outpost to be the official date.

    Happy Anniversary TDM. Here's to the next 5 years (and beyond)...
    Seems we all missed this one, I imagine thats because we are very busy building wonderful things for TDM

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