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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iroquois View Post
    Having to maneuver a heavy car (and that is only with the good ones, the big or old ones are fucking impossible), while fiddling with the shoulder buttons to adjust the speed, while holding L1 to shoot, while playing with the right analog stick to see around is NOT good game design.
    I'd say that the mapping of the keys is pretty much optimal. You don't need to stretch your fingers into unnatural positions or give up control of any function to use another. Ok, you can't brake with the normal brake and shoot at the same time, but so what? You can always just use the handbrake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inselaffe View Post
    No the point that got me when moaning about the story and atmosphere is that you then hold san andreas up on a pedestal. That game was the utterly tasteless and awful in respect to those aspects. San andreas was predominately trying to appear cool to its new audience. Sure they put the stupid stuff in too, but the "luk at r kool new game wiggas!" 'seriousness' aspect of it was cringeworthy and offputting. (Yes it wasn't serious but it was an attempt to try to increase appeal).
    Here you are still missing the point. At what point have I ever praised the the fucking story in San Andreas? Christ, you're thick. I didn't give too shits about the plot in that game, I liked San Andreas because the sandbox was packed full of fun shit to do. For example, they removed the property ownership and business empire building mechanics. When you bought a business in VC/SA you'd receive an entire subset of new missions with full blown cutscene briefings and all. Also in San Andreas, there was a lot of open terrain to explore. It was overall far more pleasurable to navigate than the packed streets of NYC.

    Iroquois hit the nail on the head, the social simulator BS was basically the entire sandbox, outside of a few odd jobs like being vigilante, street racing and drug delivery. Hell the latter two were only available at certain times of the in-game day, or were completely inaccessible for several real-life hours (NOT in-game time). Christ, the repetitive gang territory control stuff from SA was far more fun than GTA4's fucking play-date shit.

    Contrast this with countless posts on the pits of gta forums complaining about the main character in gta4 being "mexican" when the game was previewed and it sums it up. Quite how they thought nico was mexican i don't know, but then that speaks volumes.
    San andreas was the first time that gta went into a game and tried to have the setting appear cool rather than just taking the piss out of the setting (which it still did too).
    What the fuck does this inane shit have to do with anything?

    The driving is much improved and all the crying about it seems to be down to "waaaaaaaaah it's too hard, HOW DARE THEY". It's not hard at all, it's still very much arcade, it's not trying to be realistic but it is actually asking you to brake for once. Perhaps if you played it using a keyboard i could understand as with no analogue that can take some getting used to but certainly with analogue there is no problem at all. Complaining about the driving is stupid.
    Steering vehicles is perfectly fine, my complaint is with crashing and collisions. I hit the car(s) in front me or a lamp post/tree, I'm stuck dead in my tracks and have to wait for the car to reverse. Boom, all momentum that I had is gone. This makes chase missions in particular frustrating.

    If the car takes too many hits, it becomes useless fast. I remember this is precisely why I disliked the driving in The Getaway for PS2 in comparison to GTA3 (that and how utterly rubbish navigating based solely tail indicator lights was - that was one game where being HUD'less detracted from the experience. The big nail in the coffin was over-abundance of unfun timed missions.).

    Those aforementioned examples are the sort of things that I disliked by their closer attempts at being realistic, in regards to driving. The improved on-foot and shooting mechanics I hugely liked. The cover system could've used with a bit more polish though, there were a few surfaces that he wouldn't stick to or he would attach himself to the wrong bit.

    The city feels more alive, which was always a complaint about the old gtas.
    Argh, I've already praised the depth that Rockstar had managed to squeeze into the world and its believability. I fully recognise this accomplishment. (See the last three paragraphs)

    In regard to the cutscenes, they seemed just as tongue in cheek as the other 3d gtas. Admittedly I only got as far as the first few missions and watched a friend play some other missions however it didn't seem particularly serious to me - or infact any different from how they were in previous games.
    Oh you must've missed the bits where they're lamenting that the promise of the American Dream was nothing but sheer fantasy and that Niko wants to leave his bloody past behind. Blah, blah, blah... gimme the simple premise of Vice City any day. "We're gonna take over this town, piece by piece!"

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    If you had either GTA 4 or GTA 4: EfLC on Steam then they've patched your copy with any previously unpurchased story content, the DLC expansions or vanilla game where applicable. Basically they stripped GfWL out of GTA 4 and unified the two game packages into one.

    The MP component is a casualty though. Rockstar probably didn't see any financial benefit to porting it over to a new middleware, it was a 12 year old game that nobody plays after all.

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