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Thread: TDM FM: Crown of Penitence 2009-10-16

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    TDM FM: Crown of Penitence 2009-10-16

    A Fan Mission for The Dark Mod by Jesps.


    Completed with:

    100% loot
    8 out of 10 stealth score
    No knockouts

    I know the stealth score system is going to be changed in the future, but for right now I'm pretty sure the two dropped points are coming from:

    1. The guard in the hallway noticing an ornament is gone

    2. The boss dude noticing that his safe has been ransacked

    Does anyone know of a way to close the wall safe again after you've robbed it? I imagined this would be the way to stop the theft being noticed, but when I went to press the button again, it wasn't frobbable.

    If this can be done, then I can see a possible 9 out of 10. I can't think of a way around the hallway guard short of blackjacking him, so I'm not sure if 10/10 is possible without KOs.

    At one point I finished with a single gold piece missing! That had me stumped for a little while.
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    Cool piln! , I will have to check this out!

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    piln: Yes, the AI will notice if some items are missing so not possible to get no alerts unless you KO. (well there is a way but it's kind of a cheat.)

    And no, you can't close the wall safe.

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    That's a shame, I thought it would be a neat trick, and a good challenge for ghosters (like the fake crown in Chalice of Kings). It took me a couple of tries but I managed to get the timing right so that I could open the safe, steal everything and get back to the switch without making any noise before the owner came back in. When it didn't work I was

    But I'm over it now

    So, the kind-of-a-cheat way... would this be something like stacking objects in front of important loot so the AI can't see it?

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    Nice mission, small map but with a beautifull design and relaxing atmosphere

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