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Thread: T2FM: Eclipsed Released (10/30/2009)

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    I just finished this mission. Absolutely fantastic!

    As to the ending, I loved it.

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    This is one of my all-time favorites. I tested this mission and must have played it at least 40 times during testing. And I enjoyed it almost as much the last time as the first and that only because nothing quite beats your first time through this mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    This is one of my all-time favorites...
    Agreed! I think I'll be re-playing this one this weekend.

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    Ill have to replay this one.

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    I just completed it and i had a lot of fun.
    Oddly i found the part of the mission with the most horror atmosphere was before getting to the mountain pass, when you're alone in the city.

    Mostly because all those readable that refer to those things in the shadows and that in your first play you imagine are really around , even if after getting to the mountain pass you understand there was in fact none at all and you were extra-cautious of the surrounding and darkness for nothing

    Though i ran into some problems especially when climbing on the rooftop, when trying to get back on the streets, you collide with some invisible walls in several places just at the border of a roof so you see everything on the street but can't get back there.
    Though you can climb on top of most those invisible walls that lead you in weirdly walking on the air above the streets.

    And when in the rooftop there are some areas you can easily go that you're not supposed to go (leading into you seeing out of the map), or into closed areas in which there's no way out if you decide to let your character fall in them.

    Other than those bugs, it's a great mission. Though the end really calls for a sequel to solve the problem you created

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    Just replayed this, it was semi familiar but its been long enough that I didnt remember most of it and what I did remember was only broad outlines. Very good fm

    Is there a sequel planned for this one ?
    You know where garret stops the invasion by cutting off the source, going through a portal and doing it on their side maybe ?
    Or he could retrieve a weapon capable of stopping them from some ancient temple or city.
    Lots of ways to follow this up. Most likely way is keepers saying hey you let em out so you stop em now!

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    Eclipsed, Solving puzzle behind barrier

    I need an all out spoiler on how to solve the puzzle behind the barrier and retrieve the relic. It's my last one and am so frustrated!

    Also this is the most fantastic FM I've ever done. Excellent!


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    Hopefully I remember which one you're talking about. Behind a gate with a lock beside it? The key to open that is well hidden in the room with the iron maiden I think it is, near the library. And it doesn't look like a key! Come back if it's another one or you need another hint.

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    I got the relic. Yea! But...

    Now I need a loot list to finish off this remarkable FM.

    By the way, thank you for responding to my plea. LOL


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    Dunno if the mission author wants to do a re-release on this FM... with the new mantling in New!Dark, getting onto the roofs is super easy, and in fact can be used to get the dragon key behind the glyph spell! Just jump up and over and it's yours!

    Little broken, methinks!
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    Great mission, really enjoy it so far but I have some problems:

    Where is Anastasias ring? I looked in Ricebug Hintbook and cant even find the ring with the screenshots posted there. Can you tell me the exact location of the ring?

    Where do I find Orithil’s Key? In Ricebug Hintbook it should be located at crest inn, but I cant find it.

    please help

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    For the ring: Go to the area where there is a fence overlooking the water and you can see the big sailboat. As you face the boat, on your left is a small tower. Climb the ladder and search the top floor carefully.

    For the key: In the large open area with the big bird statue, there are some large crates near the opening which leads to Old Town. Climb those crates and look around.

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    Okay, I JUST started this mission, immediately getting into the creepy atmosphere it starts with.
    THEN I caught a glimpse of something... Some kind of... monster?

    Now the thing is: I just recently finished DrK's "A Better Tomorrow" (during which I probably pissed my pants only about 6 or 7 times), which I'm sure has the same creature that I just briefly saw. DrK is also listed under credits in Darkloader for this mission, so that makes sense. And well, I still have "fond" memories of that creature from "A Better Tomorrow". So... Even if it is not the same creature storywise, I still think I'm gonna have a great time now.
    Let's do this...!
    Really liked the intro, by the way. Garrett's final line was pretty cool.

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    Yeah, you're in for a treat. This one's a masterpiece!

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    I just realized that there's music from me in the FM! I once posted my Thief-inspired ambience loops on these forums, so others could use them in their FMs, but it's still a nice surprise to suddenly hear it in an FM without expecting it.
    The one I mean is the first track here ("Basement"). I just entered a room in Old Town with teddy bears on the ground, and there that loop started.

    Anyway: I played for a solid hour last night and damn, it was absolutely amazing!
    And I haven't even encountered any kind of enemy, yet! I mean, I caught glimpses of these creatures here and there, but that's it... It's great when you can build so much tension even though nothing is there. I'm constantly on edge, wondering when I will finally meet... them. But don't tell me!

    Can't wait to continue... which I will do now!

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    This was one of the spookiest and most atmospheric fan missions I've ever played, no joke. I also like how deeply it involves the Keepers, an oft-underused faction. I got far in the mission, but never got to entirely finishing my playthrough, so I will certainly give this FM a replay some time this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HipBreaker View Post
    You come out of the portal, grab the station key from the skeleton's hand. Then you go into the station down the elevator shaft. Run to the end of the hall and the cell at the other end opens up. In that cell is a corpse with the City Electric Access go into City Electric and there may be some evidence in there...
    The only readable I could find in the City Electric was a scroll written by Guardian Unethius. Is this the evidence? The objective to find evidence that the Keepers are involved did not check off.

    nevermind, I found what I needed to complete the objective.
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    I know I'm extremely late to this, but it's about time I played Eclipsed. This one has been on my FM bucket-list for a while now!
    And since it's that time of year again...

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    You are in for a very special treat. I wish I could go back in time and play this one again for the first time.

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    Yeah. So far, it's one of the best FMs I've ever played. I can't believe how huge it is
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    So... I've finally finished Eclipsed and I must say, it was brilliant. The whole thing was a terrifying, unforgettable (but slightly frustrating) experience.
    I don't think there's any FM out there that can rival THIS, in terms of horror. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get new pants

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