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Thread: [Dark Mod FM] Patently Dangerous (Oct./31/09)

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    The Linux version of Doom 3 is basically just an installer and engine binaries that you can download from id Software. You don't have to buy anything as long as you've got a Windows copy of the game. Here's their official setup guide.

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    WOW! Thank you for the links demagogue and lost_soul. I started the Linux installation and did need to get to the tech page, so both links were helpful.

    I took the week off to play Thief and knock the wall out of my dining room and build a small peninsula in its place. Instead, the day after my "vacation" started, my month old hard drive crashed and then my garbage disposal started leaking. Of course I have to do the house things before my computer! But after I replaced the disposal, the dishwasher started spraying more water than the garbage disposal (yeah, I didn't knock the plug out!). But since I (properly) knocked the plug out, I'm still getting water everywhere. So I have some work to do before I get back to Thief and I guess I don't even get the wall done this week. But even more, all of these things make me think I'm jinxed, so I don't expect the conversion from Windows Thief to Linux Thief to be easy.

    If I do manage to convert, though, it will be a TREMENDOUS help. (Every time I want to boot back to Wiindows I have to switch my BIOS back to IDE in spite of properly installing the SATA drivers.) So if I only have to boot into Linux, that will be one less annoyance. And I wouldn't have known to use the Windows DOOM 3 disk until way down the road. It seemed too daunting, but after reading the page you linked, not as much. I hope I have more luck under my sink than I had getting into the warehouse!
    Damn this real life stuff interfering with Thief! Gotta test the spoiler again, still no button...

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