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Thread: T2FM: Saturnine's Rose Cottage (10-31-09)

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    T2FM: Saturnine's Rose Cottage (10-31-09)

    It is that time again – Halloween! You are getting a special treat this year. Saturnine has created another FM masterpiece in the form of “Rose Cottage”. To add to that great piece of news, Purah has generously given of his time to write the intro…

    "Happy Halloween, Taffers

    It takes *real* knowledge of the dark arts to pull me out of obscurity these days, especially into the stark illumination of a DromEd spotlight. But y’know...Saturnine has dark skills hidden in his dark skills. So when a rat-thing came scraping on my windowpane, calling shrilly through the glass that the Brooding Master was about to unleash his magnum opus – well, what was I going to do? Pretend it wasn’t there? Pretend I wouldn’t love to introduce “Rose Cottage”?


    It is my humble opinion that the dark engine has produced more impressive experiences post TtDP than it probably ever should have. There have been all sorts of adventures. Indeed I think we can say that DromEd has more than filled the measure of its creation. Be that as it may, Saturnine has deftly put to bed the notion that the best days are behind us. In “Rose Cottage” you play the role of a paranormal investigator rather than Garrett. Instead of robbing the place blind, you’ll be doing what paranormal investigators do: namely getting the poo scared out of you. This lovely dark mission gave me chills the moment I loaded the Intro movie. Indeed, when the mortuary gates creaked open...ah...but I’m already giving things away. Shame on me.

    Download the thing. Mash it through your map loader as fast as you may. Turn off the lights and sink into your chair. October 2009 is a good month to be a Thief fan.


    Originally intended for the Masters of Horror contest, this mission took on a life of its own. With his talent for using gorgeous colors and light and his ability to add atmosphere to the surroundings, “Rose Cottage” is a work of art. I hope you will enjoy this FM as much as I do.

    Hmmm, I hear the sound of thunder. There is a storm on the way. I think you better get started…


    Mirror Thanks Sensut

    Southquarter mirror Thanks redface

    Mirror Thanks Thelvyn

    EDIT: Removed all links that are no longer active

    Tarot Card locations on page 21 of this thread.

    A special request from the Rose Cottage team: Please do not post screenshots from in game (too spoilerific). Thank You!
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    Get ready to have your socks knocked off people, this is for me, *so far*, FM of the year, easily. This is wonderful, its top notch, you are gonna love it!!! Thanks for posting Mel, and thank you Dave for your hard work. Go RC team! This FM will be a halloween classic. Its to halloween as a Thieves holiday is to christmas. Its so for halloween. I love it. I do. *gush*

    There is another version without the movie coming. But really, if you have to watch is separately, do so, the movie is worth watching just itself. Best movie, EVAR.
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    Oooohhhh, yeah - this is a good day

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    And another one... finally is here!! Thanks people!
    I can't wait to get real scared...

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    Weights slightly more than Rocksbourg 3, half the size as Mission X. This should be promissing.

    Although the hosting site seriously sucks. Or I suck. Any way to download from it?

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    What a day

    The download site indeed does suck, we need proper, faster mirrors.

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    THE BEST HALLOWEEN of evar !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    Although the hosting site ...Any way to download from it?
    You will have a link to download it from at the bottom of the page.

    We are hoping for different sites to download from soon.
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    3 substantial FMs in ONE DAY? We're on a roll!!

    I'm not even sure where to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    Although the hosting site seriously sucks. Or I suck. Any way to download from it?
    Scroll well down each page......& be prepared for maybe 35Kb/sec.

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    Awesome! Cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one....

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    Ah, thanks to both of you. I'm blind!

    Hahah, I'm dling with ~220-230kb/s - my maximum download speed.

    Yup, this is how halloween are supposed to be celebrated! Lol.

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    Halloween? Surely, it must be Christmas!

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    I'd love to reupload it, but my download always fails after a few minutes

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    Wow! Even I will come out of hiding for this one!

    Downloading at 60kb/s...
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    WOOT!! Been waiting for this one for a long time. Congrat's to everyone involved.

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    This mission is a gift...

    Savor every moment folks, this is one of the finest missions ever IMHO. The amazing atmosphere and the incredible objects which give it such an authentic Victorian atmosphere certainly set a new standard.


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    Congratulations on the release! I can't wait to play it

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    Please don't rush through the FM, there are things to find if you are careful enough, take your time, Yandros is right, savor the FM.

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    get it here:

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    I guess I got lucky. I got around 230kb or so. It bounced around a bit but was good. This is turning out to be one of the best halloweens ever. I can't wait to see whats next. Thanks so much Saturnine!

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    Oh boy!

    yes, yes, the best Halloween ever, absolutely. We are SO LUCKY to have you quality FM writers. thankyouthankyouthankyou

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    Thank you for the mirror, fibanocci!

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    Downloaded. I've hardly gotten anywhere, and it already gives me the creeps. I bet I'm gonna have my heart stop from being scared so much.

    I totally love the artwork!

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    T2 or T3?

    Is this game a T2 or T3 game? Garrett Loader claims it's a T3 game, yet when I copy and paste it into the T3 FM folder it doesn't find it there either

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