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Thread: The Dark Mod Grand Christmas FM Contest!

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    Damn, I thought it was going to be: Bucket Get: The Return.

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    As FMs are completed and ready for beta testing you should know how to package it up because all FMs should be in the 'official' FM format - in a pk4 file - exactly like players will download Dark Mod FMs in the future once they have the main Dark Mod installed.

    And read this thread for general tips about releasing an FM and particularly about beta testing:

    Once your FM is finished (and you don't have to wait till Christmas day - anytime from now till say, end of January) you need to open a thread both at ttlg fan missions and at dark mod fan missions. At the dark mod fms you should set up a poll as shown HERE. Also put a link in your ttlg thread to the darkmod poll you set up.

    As a reminder: each FM will have its own thread for voting a score in three categories:

    Story & Text

    [EDIT] Scoring will be weight as follows:
    Gameplay: 3
    Appearance: 2
    Story & Text: 1

    So a score of 4 for appearance will count as 8 points. This will have to be evaluated manually later.

    As usual, any problem with any of the above just ask for help.

    Incidentally, I see no reason why any FM maker in the future shouldn't create a poll like the above just for fun feedback on your FM.

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    I would've given the story a higher weight than the appearance...

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    Me too. Because TDM still is in his 'early stage', and people won't see many new AI/objects/anything, story can be really important.

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    I've been wondering about this myself just after posting. The above were the original weightings we used internally but Patently Dangerous is clearly the most popular FM released so far because it has a good on-going story (or at least a sense of it still on-going) plus a story atmosphere.

    Well, the weighting has to be calculated manually afterwards so it could be changed - maybe equal weight 2 with appearance? I'm not sure if it's fair on entrants who have not given much attention to story because of its low weight?

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    OK, this is what I propose: The Twelfth Day of Christmas is 5 January so let's say the original deadline was midnight GMT in the evening of 5 Jan. Since I've already said we can be lenient about the final date (so it wouldn't be fair to retract that now) one week will be allowed for late entries so the new deadline is midnight GMT in the evening of 12 Jan.

    However, as a special concession, if anyone is almost done but cannot make that deadline they must post here now before 5 Jan and state their deadline (max 31 Jan) and state why they deserve this extension (eg bikerdude started late and asked me.) So we know exactly what remains to come. But don't take liberties just to keep polishing and adding stuff - try to get your entry in by 12 Jan.

    Any latecomer who doesn't post here or in the mirror darkmod thread by 5 Jan will still be able to post a poll and get the same feedback but they can't be an 'official' entrant.

    Good luck!

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    I'm just evaluating where we stand with this Xmas compo as I aimed at closing at midnight with only confirmed late-comers allowed (ie only Biker so far.)

    This is my list of entrants so far with Biker's still to come. Can anyone let me know if there are any others or any of these shouldn't be on? Once Biker's is published I'll close this to any further entrants I think then allow a decent time for voting.

    Business as usual by BikerDude
    Living Expenses by Sonosuke
    The Parcel by Xonze
    Return to the City by Melan
    The Sons of Baltona 1 by Carnage
    Too Late by Nielsen74

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    All entries are now in but voting will remain open until Midnight 31st January, 2010 [GMT] so there is a fair representation. Results will be a weighted calculated percentage so total votes is not directly critical. All that matters is that there is a reasonable number of votes for each.

    After some thought I'm keeping the original declared weighting so we don't move the goalposts in the middle of the match.

    [EDIT] Above time UK time GMT. And voting can continue indefinitely as far as I know but wont' count towards the contest after the above time.
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    Why I chose midnight I don't know because I'll be fast asleep - so closing a few hours early I refreshed every poll and froze them at about 7:00pm GMT.

    The Christmas contest is now complete!

    It has been a great success not only for the enjoyment provided but to help kickstart new FMs and give new FM makers experience and confidence without wasting that effort on overly ambitious projects without realizing all that is involved.

    First off that I must say that the standard is much better than I anticipated and that many would underestimate the time it takes to finish off. But everyone has surpassed my expectations and independently produced really good finished, playable missions. I know we said before that it is possible to produce a small FM in a month but all of the entrants were completely new to Dark Mod and its editor Dark Radiant and some have never made an FM before even in Thief! So it is outstanding what has been achieved and really encouraging for the future.

    There were 6 entrants in the competition. At least a couple more FMs were also made that I wished had been in too.

    Everybody got a pass mark. But the winner, sweeping the board in all categories, is:

    Return to the City by Melan!

    Congratulations to Melan for a great FM; more to come we hope!


    Here are the final details (triple-checked but check 'em again if you like):

    Each vote is calculated as 1 point for poor up to 5 points for outstanding.
    Each category is weighted as follows:

    Gameplay: 3 points per vote
    Appearance: 2 points per vote
    Story & Text: 1 point per vote

    The total number of votes does not matter so long as there is a good sample for everyone. The score is a calculated percentage of the maximum possible for the given votes calculated as follows:

    Total Points = (gameplay * 3) + (Appearance * 2) + (Story * 1)
    Max Possible = Total Votes * 5 (Outstanding)
    Category Score (%) = Category Points /Max Possible * 100
    Total Score (%) = Total Points /Total Max Possible * 100

    Here are the scores (in no particular order)...

    [re-calculated by Stifu for weighting]

    TotalMaxPoss = TMP = (Gamevotes * 5 * 3) + (Visualvotes * 5 * 2) + (Storyvotes * 5)
    Because all category specific votecounts are equal, this equation simplifies to:
    TMP = Gamevotes * 5 * (3+2+1) = Gamevotes * 30

    Full Weighted Score = FWS = (Gamescore*3 + Visualscore*2 + Storyscore) / TotalMaxPoss

    Here are the Full Weighted Scores


    TMP = 30*30 = 900

    FWS = (106*3 + 101*2 + 97)/900 = 68.56%


    TMP = 35*30 = 1050

    FWS = (102*3 + 93*2 + 109)/1050 = 57.23%


    TMP = 49*30 = 1470

    FWS = (183*3 + 178*2 + 167)/1470 = 72.93%


    TMP = 45 *30 = 1350

    FWS = (176*3 + 201*2 + 171)/1350 =81.56%


    TMP = 47*30 = 1410

    FWS = (144*3 + 154*2 + 133)/1410 = 61.91%


    TMP = 49*30 = 1470

    FWS = (168*3 + 168*2 + 139)/1470 =66.60%

    Gameplay ranking:
    1) Melan 78.22%
    2) Sonosuke 74.69%
    3) Bikerdude 70.67%
    4) Nielsen74 68.57%
    5) Xonze 61.28%
    6) Carnage 58.29%

    Visual ranking:
    1) Melan 89.33%
    2) Sonosuke 72.65%
    3) Nielsen74 68.57%
    4) Bikerdude 67.33%
    5) Xonze 65.53%
    6) Carnage 53.14%

    Story ranking:
    1) Melan 76.00%
    2) Sonosuke 68.16%
    3) Bikerdude 64.67%
    4) Carnage 62.29%
    5) Nielsen 56.73%
    6) Xonze 56.60%
    Last edited by Fidcal; 1st Feb 2010 at 07:24.

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    Congrats to Melan & all the participants!

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    Nice one guys! And well done to Melan!

    Now then, when does the Easter Comp start?

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    congratulations everyone!

    and big award goes to melan!

    umm is there any award btw?

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    Hehe, I guess it would rather be an "Horror Easter Comp" then, considering the features of the next TDM update. With cute vampire bunnies...

    Congrats once again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordbreaker View Post
    umm is there any award btw?

    New Horizon and Springheel both said they'd happily pay the expense. It's still being customized, so expect it in a couple of months.

    Congrats on the win, Melan!

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    Congrats Melan!

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    Thank you, all!

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    Seriously though, a prize for future comps would be cool. One of the TDM team works in a print shop in RL I think, so a cool TDM t-shirt would be nice. It could have the TDM clock on it or something.

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    I will be happy with my custom title on the TDM forums. I am a white-collar-and-tie fan at both work and home, meaning a T-shirt would be colossally useless. I mean I own one, but that's for dust cleaning purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    New Horizon and Springheel both said they'd happily pay the expense. It's still being customized, so expect it in a couple of months.

    Congrats on the win, Melan!
    With rims like that, I hope he likes a ghetto cruiser. Congrats Melan! I'd take the T-shirt instead.

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    Nuts if I had knowen there whas a T-shirt as a prize I had made a mutch better mission

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