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Thread: just some info needed

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    just some info needed

    I just wanted to know, what does tribunal add to the game? (besides quests of course)..... and bloodmoon too (besides "solstheim")?

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    Tribunal adds a capitol city and underground environments to explore. Bloodmoon adds the island as you know. Other than quests, there area lot of new items such as swords, shields, armor, herbs and tons of other stuff to find. It all depends on what you like in your game worlds. What is it that you are looking for specifically?

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    Perhaps more important than the content added by Tribunal and Bloodmoon is the content added by plugins that depend on functions introduced or upgraded with the expansions. Companion mods in particular were revolutionized when these new functions (not limited to companion share) became available.

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    If you want to use companion mods, you'll need Tribunal. Other mods depend on one or both of the expansions. Additionally, there are one or two spell effects (for spell making and enchanting) that are only available in the expansions.

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    ok...... but, the tribunal expansion makes me wonder.....will i meet the other 2 tribunal gods(and get a chance to kill them too lol )? And I know that are some mods that work with the expansions only... but, I also know that there is a GOTY edition of the game. does it come with the expansions too? and in any of them do we hear from caius again? or any other new blade member?

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    The GOTY version does include both expansions. You will meet the other members of the Tribunal, yes, but not Caius, as he's been recalled home IIRC.

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