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Thread: The 7 Wonders of Morrowind

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    The 7 Wonders of Morrowind

    I am trying to figure out what are the most amazing places to see in Morrowind, or as i call it, the 7 wonders(because there are many mysticism around the 7 in morrowind).

    In my opinion:
    1.- In Vivec, The Palace of Vivec Canton, or the whole Vivec, you choose;
    2.- ....... I cant think of any more....

    And thats what this thread is for! Name the 7 wonders of Morrowind in your oppinion (no pilgrimage sites allowed)

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    The Azura shrine has to qualify, what with the clifftop placement and the GIGANTIC statue and all.

    Ebonheart castle is pretty impressive too.

    Can't forget Dagoth Ur's cavern and the Ghostgate/Ghostfence.

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    when u say Azura Shrine you mean the Cavern of the Incarnate where we find moon-and-star? Or is there another I dont know about?

    I also think the Skar in Ald-ruhn qualifies. So, here are the Wonders so far:
    1.- Vivec;
    2.- Azura Shrine;
    3.- Ebonheart;
    4.- Heart Chamber/ Loharkhan (you know, the Statue where the Heart is...);
    5.- Ghostgate;
    6.- The Skar (Ald-ruhn);
    7.- ...............We Still Need a 7th Wonder...............

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    No, I mean the Azura Shrine. Starting point for one of the daedric artifact side quests.

    Two more candidates: The old Boethia shrine and the new Boethia shrine.

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    ok, now you lost me......are those only in the expansions? 'cause i dont have them (yeah, i know, who doesnt have them is missing the best, bla bla bla...)

    But thats it! 7 wonders! Unless someone finds better ones:
    1.- Vivec;
    2.- Azura Shrine;
    3.- Ebonheart;
    4.- Heart Chamber;
    5.- Ghostgate;
    6.- The Skar;
    7.- Boethia Shrines

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    No, they're both related to Daedric shrine quests in the original Morrowind.
    Azura's shrine is even marked on the map that came in the Morrowind box...

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    Registered: Nov 2004
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    Oh, you want me to include the expansions too? Actually, I'd rather include something from two of the game's mods:

    Moon's Spawn adds a wonder of the same name with a bunch of attached quests.

    The Illuminated Order of the Invisibles adds a number of things that would qualify for the list.

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