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Thread: Dark Mod mission: The Outpost 2008-12-23

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    Dark Mod mission: The Outpost 2008-12-23

    I'm just enjoying a new lease of life with Thief getting to grips with Dark Mod and its new missions. I've started with Outpost and must say I'm enjoying it immensely.My , those builder are hard to kill with an arrow though ! And sometimes my water arrows don't put out the torches - must be my aim although I got it off to an art in previous Thief versions.Must be thick , I can't find the key to the gold bar box in Outpost. Knocked out the guest in red upstairs and he mentions it in a note but it's not on him.Probably staring me in the face! Can some kind soul put me out of my misery so I can finish this little mission. Can't be that hard I guess because I see others have finished the mission in an hour or so.Thanks !

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    edit: only the first part of the mission.

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    Many thanks for your prompt reply !

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    Is there any way to tell the reviewer that we have a download available to fix the crash they were experiencing? I couldn't find an email address or a way to comment.

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