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Thread: TG FM Augustine's Revenge - Nov 2009

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    Found only 12800 of loot. Thanks for the Loot List, ffox

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    Finished the mission after about 3 hours. Found 13,7xx loot. Took 4 passes through the entire map to find Strawberry Fields. Was rather disappointed when I found it. All that searching for a tiny area just for loot.

    Never did find where to use the special key. Searched the mansion several times top to bottom and the only door that required a key was for the elevator.

    Final objective never did tick off even after listening to the convo about the affair twice.

    Loved all the climbing and rooftops. There's just not enough of those FMs around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptSyn View Post
    Never did find where to use the special key. Searched the mansion several times top to bottom and the only door that required a key was for the elevator.
    The Special room, you mean? You find that room if you walk up the large main stairs, turn right, right again into a corridor and then you have the door to the left.

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    I'm pretty sure that's the elevator. The "elevator key" opens that door.

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    The elevator door is in the basement. The door you want is upstairs.

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    I played through it again and found my problem.

    I was in the special room the first time through, but didn't turn on the light, so I never saw the switch under the desk, and somehow I missed the readables as well.

    It's all good now though. Thanks.

    Found a spot under the stairs in the Gates warehouse where you can almost get to with a few crates, but I just can't seem to mantle into the place. Looks like there's plenty of room for loot. Anything in there?

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    The lootlist and walkthrough will hopefully contain the answers to any remaining questions you have.

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    This has taken about 4 hours and I'm still not finished. Brilliant FM, took me 3.5 hours to actually get into the mansion, that's even with copious cheating using ThiefEdit.

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    Excellent city mission! Great use of roof tops and lots to explore. I also appreciated getting back to already visited locations, but from another angle. I never got really stuck (I just had to go back and search better whenever I had missed something) and no ridiculously small secret switches or tedious keyhunts (every key could be found in plain view and mostly pretty close to its lock).

    This mission can easily be counted as one of the best city missions I have ever played. Thank you!

    It was also really nice getting to play a T1 mission again - I haven't done that in a while (it brings back some memories (especially the faster jumping and of course the Hammerites )). This mission also proves that graphics don't matter when the gameplay is this good. I had lots of fun!

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    Funny, I just played through this one also, I'm on a bit of a Thief 1/Gold kick at the moment. The mission is a real fooler, as it starts out so-so, but turns into quite a long and varied mission with lots to do and see. The rooftops are great, lots of jumping and roping too. So many little nooks and crannies with loot that you could easily miss if you aren't paying attention.

    I can usually define a great mission by saying "I really want to make something like that" after I'm done playing. Definitely the case here.

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    I've been away from Thief for a couple of months, but recently I came back again and started playing through some of the many FMs from the last two years or so.

    I can usually define a great mission by saying "I really want to make something like that" after I'm done playing.
    Exactly my thought; "If only I could build something like that."

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    Thank you and YES you can build a mission

    Quote Originally Posted by qolelis View Post
    I've been away from Thief for a couple of months, but recently I came back again and started playing through some of the many FMs from the last two years or so.

    Exactly my thought; "If only I could build something like that."
    First of all, Thank you all for the kind words.

    qolelis and Brethren - you absolutely CAN make a mission like this. I am a finance guy (nontechnical) and decided one day I would try to make a mission. I got Komag's tutorial and slugged my way through it and in the end I had a working mission. I tweaked it and it became my first mission (Lord Matt). I was astounded that I actually made a mission. Five missions later, I am still going strong and working on number six (another TDP mission).

    I would encourage you to try Komag's tutorial. There is a lot of help on this forum (I never saw such a group of helpful people as the people here). Anyway, that is my sales pitch of the day.

    Keep playing so the Thief community stays alive!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bbb View Post
    (another TDP mission).

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    Just finished this mission yesterday. I was going to write a review of it for the General Fan Mission Megathread, but seeing that it has been reviewed twice already, there's no need for repetition, so I'll just post my comments here.

    This is a FM that definitely gives you a lot to do and lots of places to explore. Though I generally like thieves' highway-type missions (the rooftop part of LotP is one of my favorite OM's), I must admit that the acrobatic parts of Thief are not my strongest point, and some rooftop FM's have given me a fair bit of frustration with jumps that require split-second timing and rope arrows that must be shot at precisely the right angle to allow you to mantle. Luckily, there was practically none of that in Augustine's Revenge - finding the right path required some thought at times, but the actual jumping, mantling and rope arrowing felt smooth and didn't involve frustrating trial and error. The abundance of loot also made the exploration rewarding, since every hidden nook and cranny had at least a couple of coin stacks or arrows to pick up.

    I must say, however, that I found the layout kind of confusing and a little odd at times - especially some of the indoor areas made me wonder who would want to live in a house with this kind of strange floor plan. I also thought some of the marble and metal surfaces inside the buildings felt a little out of place. What added to the slightly odd atmosphere was that apart from the occasional guard (who all seemed to use the same model - a little variation here and there would have been nice), the whole city outside Lord Robert's mansion is deserted - not a single civilian to be seen anywhere. A couple of sleeping people here and there would have made the city feel more like an actual populated place and less like a ghost town.

    There were a couple of strange things that were never really explained. Why is there a tower with a craybeast inside in the middle of the town? I also seem to recall a giant spider inside one building - where did that come from?

    These little criticisms aside, I did enjoy Augustine's Revenge. Though the city didn't feel as realistic as, say, bbb's work with the rooftop part of Three Crowns, the fun I had with the exploration more than made up for it. I found this FM quite relaxing, and it kept me occupied for a good while (3h 5 min, not including reloads, in non-ghosting style). Of bbb's missions, I'd say I liked Three Crowns a little better, but Augustine's Revenge nonetheless ranks among the most enjoyable T1 FM's I've played.

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    Can't finish FM

    Hi, first of all, this is a great fm. I've been on hiatus for a long time and this is my first fm since coming back. Wow. Thanks for a great one.
    One teensy problem that is preventing me from finishing this. I've accomplished all the objectives except one. Taking Maggie's body back to the police station.
    I am unable to pick it up. She's like cut off at the waist (came across two other guards like that) and she's like a messed up blob on the ground. She won't hilight no matter where I stand Tried to take a screenshot but was unable to.

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    The mission played fine with me a few weeks ago....sounds like you may have some corrupted files..worth cleaning up your files

    Install the original game missions and delete any remains of the following folders in your main Thief folder:


    but don't delete the movies, crfs or the res folder!

    Next, reinstall the mission you want to play and it should load properly.
    also worth checking your main Thief folder and seeing if there are any files in there that should not be, sometimes other FMs drop .gam files in there.

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    Thank you. I will do that.

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    What a great mission this is, and one that had previously passed me by. At the start I had the impression it was quite small, but in fact the exploration keeps on coming.

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    If you liked Augustine's Revenge you should check out bbb's other T1 mission Nigel's Hidden's even bigger and better IMHO

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    I'm pretty sure I've played Nigel's Hidden Treasure, it's this one that was new to me. I did not have the issue llanita has reported, BTW, and was able to complete.

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    please help me . i stand in front of teh grat water tank. how can i go into the house of the lord?

    in a short version. on this position somewhere on higher floor , in the near where you can find two wooden boxes, Garret says: it's a long way down . there you have to jump and you will get into the masion.
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    radogoal, if you are at the location where Garrett says "It's a long way down", jump into the water below and find an underwater tunnel.

    Finished without needing any hints on Normal in 2 hours and 7 minutes. I got 13937 of 14482 total loot. Augustine's Revenge is a rewarding map if you like exploration: There is loot hidden everywhere in little hidden areas. The layout of this City district is fairly complex and requires vertical climbs, daring jumps over rooftops, and swimming through murky waters. There are some switches that open secret rooms, but none are hidden in unfair locations. It is not the prettiest map, some areas are not very believable, but it was fun for the whole duration of my playthrough.

    One odd thing I noticed: To get into the basement of Lord Robert's mansion, you have to break three planks with your sword. The one closest to the floor was bleeding red when I hit it.

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    Awesome mission! I just love how many hidden places with loot in this fanmission are and it even gets explained why there are so many hidden places with loot. Pretty cool!

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