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Thread: TG FM Augustine's Revenge

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    TG FM Augustine's Revenge

    Finally finished this TDP mission. City,rooftops, mansion, lots of loot.

    You can download it here:




    Thanks to Freddy Fox & Nightwalker for the help files:
    Lootlist by Freddy Fox
    Walkthrough by Nightwalker & Freddy Fox
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    wooo hook or by crook I'll be the first to download this!

    Well done you!

    wait...what does bbb stand for...bye baby bunting or big burly bloke?

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    Three T1 missions in a row. Hard to catch up.

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    This one is really fun to play. Lots of travel via the Thieves' Highway and loot tucked away in scads of out of the way places. I was lucky enough to betatest it and it never, ever got boring. Congratulations, Bryan!

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    Got it! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    Three T1 missions in a row. Hard to catch up.
    Hmm, this one and The Hand of Glory, which is the third?
    Its easy to miss FMs, i mean the only place i look for new
    FMs nowadays is in this forum. dont have anything
    after 1/27/2009. dont have them all, nothing since
    10/08/2009. Or am i just lousy to find the new ones.

    I see a lot of new uploads on,
    isn't it possible to browse FMs there? I dont whine (maybe
    a little), i just dont want to miss anything
    Is there not a site who have all the new ones

    Ok, sorry for the whining and thanks for the new FM,
    i love this stuff, even if i'm 34

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    Thanks BBB, I'm a big fan of your missions.

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    When you think about it - yeah. I've followed every FM this year as far as I know, but I guess there is no big list made.

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    Thief 1 and rooftops? I am so there.

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    Cool, thanks!

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    Wow, a T1 FM "surge"! Great news bbb, your FMs are always fascinating.

    Could someone please put the release date in the thread title?

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    Thank you bbb! I'm a fan of your missions, and this one is awesome.
    Need a hint, but I won't ask now. Will try to figure it out before I yell HELP!

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    Thanks bbb! Playing a TDP fm brings back alot of good memories

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    Awesome news bbb. cant wait to play this one!

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    Oh...T1! Yippie!

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    Wow, three new missions to play this weekend! Yippee! Thanks for the new one, Bryan! T1 and rooftops - a match made in heaven.

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    I must say that when I first started this mission, I was a little disappointed. I saw none of the promises that nightwalker made. Then I got past the water tank area and bang. This baby really heated up. I must admit now that I have finished the mission, I am impressed. This mission is a definite keeper and will be replayed. Thank you for such a nice surprise!

    Beltzer the third mission is the christmas mission. Check the threads in this forum.

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    I cant wait to play this

    I was wondering how long it would take me to make a thief fm on dromed

    i have never made a dromed level before and only have experience with doom 2

    level editing after i make a thief 2 fm im going to attempt a dark mod fm

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    So far I'm having a blast with this one. As usual, BBB didn't disappoint.

    And I share with you a building that has sky for the roof!

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    Cool. Downloading NOW! Thank you, bbb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beltzer View Post
    Is there not a site who have all the new ones
    I'm trying to keep a list of recent FMs, see my sig.

    @Stingm: The Christmas mission is T2 though, I don't think there is a third T1 mission, at least recently.
    Get all recent FMs at

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    Been having an absolute ball with this - hidden pathways, nooks & crannies everywhere; layout & pathfinding much like Greenbay or one of Melan's FMs.

    However, I'm getting a whole lot of "bugs" (like invisible AI, missing tables & invisible 'walls'), which make me think this is actually for Thief Gold.
    One of these 'walls' - the 2nd one behind the fireplace in the tile-floored building just before the electricity station - looks like preventing me from getting the loot requirement
    Anyone else having such problems, or do I have a really bad TDP install?

    Also can't find Maggie's corpse - then again it could be invisible...

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    You should be able to play TG FMs with the patch, I believe. Do you have it installed?

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    Location: in your second eyelids
    I'm almost certain Maggie's invisible for you. Frankly, looks like it sucks to be you.

    This is indeed a great mission, I only miss some custom resources, but the key difference (the epic jumping) makes up for it, in a different way.

    I'm pretty stuck too, so SPOILERS AHOY.

    Read Robert's diary and found the evidence, but now I'm having several issues conerning the entire map.
    1. Strawberry fields. Found the key long ago, never found the place I could put it in. I did saw a small gate near the place I found the key, but I could'nt open that gate...
    2. Loot requirement. I must be missing about 1/3 of the loot. Playing on expert.
    3. Where's the city watch? Don't remember any plcae in the map that particularily struck me as city watch...
    (4.) I'm also missing the stash, but I'll ask about it here when I fail to find it myself.

    Thanks, bbb.


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