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Thread: Regarding Usage Permission

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    Regarding Usage Permission

    I have sent MotleyCat a PM regarding usage permission. He hasn't been active since 2006, so in case he doesn't reply I don't wan't to get into trouble for using brushes from an FM. Also, the two emails he had no longer exist. I know maps (or parts of them) get copied, but I'm not going to assume that I can just go ahead and do it. At one time I read a thread about this topic, and I have done a few searches to find it but had no luck.

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    If you want to multibrush a couple of terrain brushes, go ahead and give credits to the original author.

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    I agree, if you can't contact him it is OK to multibrush a part of his mission into yours, and give credit to him, as long as the readme for his mission doesn't have any statements declaring that he does not give permission for that.

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