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Thread: 1.18->1.19 stand-alone patch

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    1.18->1.19 stand-alone patch

    So, there was a lot of fuss about this patch, and it's easy to see why:
    Arx Fatalis English v1.19
    - Fixed resolution management on cinemascope bar.
    - New flare's occlusion system and optimization on Flare's management.
    - Fixed the "done" button on charactersheet which was not working on some resolutions.
    - Fixed the text size on the credits.
    - Interface isn't scaled.
    - Add version string in the menu.
    - Drawtext optimization.
    - Fixed light rendering on cinematic.
    - New resolution enable.
    - New timer system for a better interpolation on animation/camera/movement. (see notes for AMD).
    - Fixed flare on lights.
    - Remove zbuffer lock/unlock (fps win 14%).
    - Fixed bug on raycast.
    - Collision enhanced.
    - Add flare management on cinemascope.
    - Add FSAA and AA on font.
    Now you can finally have it:

    To install, simply copy content of the archive over the 1.18-version game folder.
    Have fun
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    The file is unavailable according to the link. The website you uploaded to takes forever to load a page and locks up. Post it on filefront or something if its legit. Otherwise I'm not so sure this is trustworthy.

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    Okay I got it! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the patch and all, but um...where did this come from? Did you hack in the changes yourself?

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    It's likely that this is the patch that is included on the Good Old Games release of Arx. The author probably compared a clean installation of 1.18 and the GOG release and included any files that have changed.

    At any rate, thank you for posting this!

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    MLuukkonen speaks the truth.

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    Probably better to extract the patch 1.18 files, copy this over that and distribute that no?

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    WOW! A patch for Arx Fatalis! After all this time... I MUST play the game again... Damn... here goes a wasted reveillon.

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    I was able to finish Arx with this patch (retail version), after i turn on compatibility mode to win98 (to prevent fatal memory errors) :-) Thx!

    ps. i'm on windows 7 64bit, c2d and radeon 4870

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    installed the patch, but i cant seem to run it on fullscreen. it always starts in a window, at 320x200.

    edit - never mind, edited the cfg_default.ini file and now it works pretty neat
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    Thanks for the patch - always annoyed me that original buyers of the game had to spend another $6 to get the patch through buying the GOG game!

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