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Thread: T2 FM - Unholy Vivid Innocence (Uncadonego's No Pressure (un)Contest 16-12-2009)

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    Wooo someone finally showed up!

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    It would be like getting back on a horse or a bicycle, Ali. Plus NewDark is so, so, so much better than OldDark you won't believe all the new features and how much better Dromed is now.

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    Heh...I went back and played this for the first time in 8 years...and got stuck in my own mission. Missed the Haunt's key. And only found 90% of the loot. The irony...

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    i replayed this lastnight wow i like it due to the fact i get to do alot of thing to get to new parts/repeat

    great mission ,would be interesting to see a part 2 ,from when you exit,where garrett would end up would be a challange,a cemetary into?

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    I needed a lot of hints for this one (thanks to all those brave thieves who ventured forth over the years before me), but finally finished it. A well written mission and a lot of fun to play. Thanks Haplo.

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    Don't forget to play the sequels.

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    Where to download Unholy Vivid Innocence but in version 1.2?

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