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Thread: T2 FM: The Sun Within and The Sun Without v1.3 (December 23rd, 2009)

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    Thank you so much, Qoelis! I was able to finish this great mission!!!!

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    Hi, I just tried to download this fm, and the top 3 English only downloads are 404 as well as the first Multi-language version.
    I was able to download from the last link only, the one provided by Epithumia.

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    To prevent future confusion, I deleted the dead links in the first post. Thanks for pointing it out!

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    You can use this (corrected) link in the first post as well, if you like:

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    No problem Nightwalker. I'm really liking this FM. Very original and interesting. Thanks

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    I've been reading through some of the posts on here requesting help and I'm overwhelmed slightly. I'm in the tower with the wind section, above the bubble section. According to the walkthrough, ( I had to look at it briefly because I'm stumped) it says I need to try the Fire manhole but its locked. However, when I float up there the manhole doesn't high light for me, I even shot a water arrow up there and it didn't work.
    I must have missed a step that would allow that manhole to be hightlighted, locked or otherwise.
    I'm playing on Hard, haven't found the lucky charm yet.

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    big problems

    I am having big problems with this mission.

    1. when i go outside and stand next to the boulder blocking the cave the sun is not shooting fireballs at it. had to restart the game 4 times before it would work,
    2. When i get the 2 eyes from the statue the objective is not ticking off.

    This happens on expert and normal
    I have tried dark loader and thief 2 mission selector. using new dark 1,23


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    The southquarter English only link is still broken in the first post.

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