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Thread: Help!!! White Hands Glitch!!!

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    Help!!! White Hands Glitch!!!

    My game was doing fine, but now my PC's hands are white. It's not noticeable on the lighter skinned races, when I go to play a Dunmer or a Redguard they have white hands that makes it look like weird gloves. What can I do to fix this?

    I've had to put other mods on my game to make it run on Windows 7, but none of it had to do with the texture of the people, also the hands of the Redguard and Dunmer NPCs are perfectly normal, it is only the PCs hands that are staying white.

    I've tried resetting the characters, remaking the characters, adjusting tone levels and complexion levels, nothing seams to work...

    Please Help!!!

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    Sounds like one of the texture files got messed up somehow?
    You might try installing one of the high-resolution skin texture mods and see if that fixes it.

    Also, just a thought, but have you tried turning off Bloom? It can make your skin almost white in sunlight, due to, er, "realism". Because, as everyone knows, skin really is that reflective.

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    If you're using custom models for male/female characters than from I've read over on other forums and sites, the only good way of resolving this is either to not use them anymore, or reinstall the whole game and re-applying them.

    Yes, it's a texture problem and seems to happen for no reason, at least with custom models and textures.

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