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Thread: TDM FM: Return to the City by Melan (2010/01/10)

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    TDM FM: Return to the City by Melan (2010/01/10)

    [edit]Please note that this version of Return to the City has been superseded by an expanded and significantly performance-optimised rerelease, available here. However, I'd appreciate if some of these download links were left around so people can check out the original version if they wish.[/edit]

    Hello, Taffers!

    My FM for the Grand Christmas FM Contest, Return to the City,
    has been completed and available at
    TTLG (updated Hammers-into-Builders version) (updated Hammers-into-Builders version)
    Thiefmissions (updated Hammers-into-Builders version) (updated Hammers-into-Builders version) (updated Hammers-into-Builders version) (second link - thanks, Vexd!) (updated Hammers-into-Builders version) (thanks, Chiron!) (updated Hammers-into-Builders version)

    Have fun, vote for the mission on the TDM forums if you liked it (or you didn't), and please read the release notes, below! (Especially point 1)

    Description: Back among these old walls again, it seems. The
    alleyways and courts beckon, the smells and flickering lights
    the same as ever. Have I been away so little that I remember
    them all?

    No matter. This time, my objective once more brings me to the
    Builders: one of their workshops has recently received a shipment
    of potent explosives... Although inert before it is treated with
    a volatile compound, there is bound to be a mechanician who
    will pay a good price for the lot.

    That settles my agenda for the night. I must be careful, since
    the Builders aren't known to be lenient with trespassers... and
    if they knew it was the same fellow who had already paid them a
    visit once... but better not dwell on trivialities. I have found
    a way to the street where the storehouse is located, and hid
    myself next to the gate. If I am unable to open it from inside
    when I am done, I may just have to find another way out.

    It is an hour before midnight. Time to go.
    Release notes:
    1) Since the mission features wide, relatively open spaces, it has
    higher hardware requirements than regular TDM FMs. Performance
    may be very poor on older PCs, and occasionally, a freeze of up
    to half a minute or so may be experienced. I apologise for the
    possible inconvenience. The hardware requirements should not
    be taken as representative of all Dark Mod missions!

    2) Take note that guards in The Dark Mod are much more alert, seeing
    and hearing over greater distances. An altercation can draw
    lots of unwanted attention!
    3) Ghosting is supported in this mission. Achieving a perfect thief
    result (acquiring all loot while ghosting), however, may be
    quite difficult.
    4) You can climb out of the level with some effort. Good job, but now I
    am afraid you cannot get back in. Or... can you?
    5) Finally, please take care that there is a general TDM bug that may
    affect your enjoyment of the mission until it is fixed: when you start
    out, it is still possible to change the difficulty settings until you do a
    manual save. Don't do this, because it will wipe out your completed
    objectives, rendering the mission unwinnable!
    Last but definitely not least, thanks are due to my beta testers, who
    have been very helpful in finding and fixing the bugs that have cropped
    up, as well as everyone on the TDM forums for their help and support.
    Thank you!

    Series information:
    All of my missions except Unbidden Guest (TMA) take place in a common setting and involve the same protagonist, although under different aliases - Talbot, Messer Johannes, Philby and others. None of them require previous knowledge of previous FMs, but there are common elements and a degree of continuity. The missions, in current order, are:
    1. Prowler of the Dark (TDP/Gold) (S): liberate a skull of paganic enchantment from an abandoned church, which is kept sealed and guarded by the Builders.
    2. Return to the City (The Dark Mod) (M): plunder the other side of the Builder complex to steal a pack of explosives. Patrols have been heightened because of the recent break-in. (This mission connects to the previous along the North/South axis - too bad I didn't have the time to let you revisit some old areas) (You are here!)
    3. Fiasco at Fauchard Street (The Dark Mod) (M): steal a collection of opals from the house of a wealthy usurer.
    4. Bad Debts (TMA) (XL): fallen on hard times, you take a job from a diminutive snitch to steal his letter of debt from Markus, a pawnshop owner/usurer (looks like a common theme). Rooftop extravaganza.
    5. Disorientation (TMA) (XL): following the events in the previous mission, you attract the unwanted attentions of Lady Azamlarg, district warden and judge, and have to break into her palace to deter her from further assassination attempts. More rooftops and conspiracies.
    Last edited by Melan; 2nd May 2011 at 05:51. Reason: added series information

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    More TDM FMs released, good!

    Ah, the mysterious FM, which was beta-tested recently. Looking forward to playing it.

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    OMG!! I have been waiting for this, downloading now!!

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    Aha! Cool! Sounds like you're bringing the city exploration style to TDM! I can only stay cooped up in mansions for so long !

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    the download link is overloaded Melan...

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    yeah, trying for nearly 30 minutes and still can't dl it. It'll be better if there were mirrors

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    A Dark Mod mission from one of the finest mission builders in the community - this should be great! Thanks!

    Edit: And indeed it was! Review and screens here.
    Last edited by SneakyJack; 11th Jan 2010 at 15:53.

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    Stand by, I will add another URL.
    [edit]Added a mediafire link, and will add another...[/edit]
    Last edited by Melan; 10th Jan 2010 at 12:42.

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    Last edited by vexd; 10th Jan 2010 at 15:08. Reason: update

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    thanks everyone!

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    Oh wow, now this should be a treat! Thanks, Melan!

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    Congrats on the release, Melan!

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    I'm really excited about playing this one, Disorientation is one of the greatest T2 city missions ever.

    On a not-so-great note though, is anyone else getting an extremely bad framerate in at least the first part of the mission? I'm seeing what I can crank down to improve things, but it's pretty much a slideshow at the moment...

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    Yeah, the main open area took me into slideshow territory as well. That being said, fantastic exploration in this mission.

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    Unfortunately, and as noted in the OP, the mission is a killer on older hardware. I couldn't imagine running it on my laptop. There has been some improvement in the beta, but you can only go so far without nuking everything and restarting from scratch. This has been an important lesson for future missions.

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    Here a torrent version TDM map-torrent 2

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    looking fantastic!!!

    couldn't play so much because of my old laptop, but as far as I see this map has the most detailed architecture since saint lucia or even better. I really liked the city with ambient sounds, it looks so thiefy. I'll check it out on my high end computer soon.

    thank you classical master!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melan View Post
    the mission is a killer on older hardware.
    Brought My recently built quad core 2.6 ghz with 4 gb of ram and a radeon 4850 1 GB card to its knees in the open city areas, so I hate to imagine what it would do to an older PC

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    Can't wait to play, after I do a few TDM updates.

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    Yeah, I'm about as equally well-off as Sneaky as far as hardware goes and it was really straining during a few sections. That said though, throughout most of the mission it ran just as smoothly as Doom 3 normally runs. I really enjoyed the mission by the way! I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more city exploration involved, but I understand that everyone is just getting to know how the editor works/its limitations etc. The Hammerite church was awesome, and more importantly I loved that they were actually called Hammerites. Screw copyright laws, I want my Thief factions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    The Hammerite church was awesome, and more importantly I loved that they were actually called Hammerites. Screw copyright laws, I want my Thief factions.
    Ah yes, that. Please note that this has been an (unwitting) mistake on my part, and has been fixed in an updated release at New Horizon's and Tels's request (see the top two links). Folks, please update the other mirrors with this change.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

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    I've been playing this one for a bit, and I'm really liking this one. Your attention to detail is superb, the arches, the large gates, the buildings themselves it feels very thiefy. Objects adorning the walls, floor, such great placement.

    It was a bit sluggish, not bad for me anyway, but only in a few spots. I've managed 5 KO's so far, some with ease. Some I have ghosted all together, makes it seem more how a Thief should act when I don't KO all the time. :P

    Great job, I'm not done yet, just wanted to chime in and say, this is great. Can't wait to see what else you'll produce in the future! Thank you.

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