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Thread: T2 Bathory - The AI Museum (demo)

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    T2 Bathory - The AI Museum (demo)

    Well, I have a very small demo mission about the upcoming Bathory AIs (just 2 museumlike hallways), what originally was my AI skin and other things testing mission in DromEd. Slowdown or other problems may occur in the regular game, it's normal. This is not a release, is just for fun I turned it into a mission on one evening so that do not expect a lot of it . The size is 18 MB, can be downloaded from ...

    (thanks pavlovscat)

    Just for fun .
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    Nice little demo sensut

    Noticed some new AI
    Pretty good music in the background in the demo
    Like the poses of the AI as well
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    Cool. Beautiful, very beautiful mission! Thank you, Sensut
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    Beautiful! Looking forward to the FM. Thanks Sensut

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    VERY nice, Sensut

    Particularly liked the pagans; have long felt they've been neglected for development (& great to see them armed).

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    Thanks. With a little tinkering could be better, but I do not want to spend time with it. Was only just a sudden idea yesterday . After all they will be all of them there in the course of the campaign if I may finish it finally .

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    Great looking AI - looking forward to seeing them in the finished missions!

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    Thanks Csabi, downloading now...

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    my download keeps failing int the 11.5mb range can someone upload it to a mirror, or a file sharing site please?

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    Thanks for giving us a peek!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky Fingers View Post
    great to see the pagans armed.
    indeed, though I'd think raw wooden clubs to be more their style than swords. maybe these aren't traditional Thief pagans, but just poor people?

    Quote Originally Posted by pavlovscat View Post
    thank you!

    Sensut, the variety here is great the woman to the left of the throne (in blue) looks particularly stunning

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    The armed "pagans" actually are rogues, jugglers .
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    Very, very beautifull, Sensut. As usuall when speaking about your missions. I'm looking forward to your new artwork !!!!!

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    Cool! Thank you!

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