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Thread: White Obj textures

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    Registered: Aug 2009

    White Obj textures

    I was playing Bloodmist Tower, but the rabbits are showing up completely white, devoid of textures

    These textures are gifs in the Obj folder, which is there, anyone know what's going on? It's not the first time this happened

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    Hmmm... That's strange. Well, we know that the directory path seems to be correct. The shields are matching the gif. What are the sizes for those textures (x/y)?

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    128x128, 256x256, and 64x256

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    The raven looks fine strangely enough

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    Are the rabbits objects, or AI? If the latter, then the textures shouldn't be in obj/txt16, they should be in mesh/txt16.

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    The author put the textures for the rabbit into the wrong folder
    paste the textures to

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    Ah, that clears it up, thanks! I was worried my installation might have been screwed up...

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    Surprising that didn't get caught in testing, but far worse things have gotten released before.

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    Wait a minute. I took lots of pills because I was seeing white rabbits, and now you're saying it's all just a matter of textures in the wrong folder? Unbelieveable.

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