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Thread: T1 FM: A Dark Secret (Das Dunkle Geheimnis) by Mayar (english version 12.02.2010)

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    Nice work-I liked the vibe of the basement!

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    How do you get behind the cabinet, to access the secret room?

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    Update 1.1 - Release :)

    Hi Folks

    Here i have make a new Release of my last FM.

    I had make Corretions of the Textures and some Objects changed

    Also a little Architectur-Correstions

    The Link or it you will found here ->

    and enojoy it


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    Thanks, Mayar!

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    There seems to be patch "" containing a DML with some object fixes and updated English books that is not listed yet in this thread or in the thread with brief summaries of all missions. I found the patch on Thief: The Dark Fate. I am not sure: Should I apply this patch when I play the mission in the archive ""?

    Mayar forgot to update the readme in the archive "". It still says "Date of Release: 17.01.2010, Version: 1.0". This should probably be "Date of Release: 05.02.2014", Version 1.1".

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