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Thread: TG FM: Schulmod

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    TG FM: Schulmod

    This is a small german mission by Carl von Linde was made in 2004.
    Thanks fibanocci for the download link!
    English translation in the readme file.

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    Thank you, I was needing a new mission to spend some time with.

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    Thanks clearing & fibanocci!

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    Well, I guess someone just didn't had the best years at school.
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    As far as gameplay is concerned, this mission is one to avoid. The very basic architecture, the drab wall textures, the power abuse described in the books and the overall senselessness of the killings draw a very bleak picture of what everyday life in school must have been for the author. I found it to be a depressing insight into the mind of another human being.

    clearing, the author is anonymous. "Carl von Linde" is the name of the school, according to the readme.

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    Well, at least they didn't end up like some kids...

    Ah great! Now I've depressed myself.

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