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Thread: Darkloader and Win 7

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    Darkloader and Win 7

    Go and move this if you must but I need help and get it here the quickest. I can play T2 fine but when I instal Darkloader I get a error when I select the T2 directory and all DL does is unzip the fan mission but the origional game is still there...whats going on. Im livid!!! And I searched and searched and found no desperate..please help.

    This is the eror Exception EWin32Error dans la modual Darkloader.exe 000abd7 Une Foction API Win 32 a echeaou !!!

    WTF !!!!!!

    Got it....Just so it might help someone with the same problem....After applying the No CD stuff and then the core duo exe and renameing it "thief2" I went to both the T2 shortcut and the Darkloader shortcut ran as administrator and WinXPSP2 compadibility modes. Works fine now. Now I just have to make sure I get all the right scripts and install them right.
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