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Thread: T2 FM: City Conflict 5 (5/19/2010)

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    I'm happy that everybody likes this mission (or "little bastard" )
    Maybe I missed a plot point or something, but I couldn't figure out why only the thieves were hostile toward the player and none of the guards were.
    Like explained before, the thieves were hired by the local mechanists. And about the non-hostile guards: There was a post here somewhere, where someone complained that in city missions everyone is hostile towards Garrett and how illogical it may seem that guards, when they spot Garrett in a crowd of people, immediately say "Hey look! That's the taffer! Hunt him!"

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    I still can't use my weapons and all people are standing with their arms wide open.
    I rebooted my computer, lost a lot of "luggage" , still no difference.
    Mission one to five ... all of them.

    Do I miss something else in my directory?
    I CAN play other missions ...

    Gloria Creep
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    Gloria, make sure the file convict.osm is still in your Thief 2 folder.

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    Silencium: nice small mission. Especially the underground oneway tunnel surprise is nice.

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    Great mission, thank You!


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    Thank you for yet another great mission!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Gloria, make sure the file convict.osm is still in your Thief 2 folder.
    Yes Yandros, it IS!!!
    I also can play other missions.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
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    As I said in another thread here in Thief Fan Missions forum, I'm currently catching up on all the FMs I've missed since the beginning of the year, so sorry if I'm running a bit late in posting.

    I wanted to thank you Silencium, for the City Conflict series; I had a great time playing each one (and thanks to any & all who contributed as well)! I especially liked that you populated the missions will more & more enemy AI, which made it a real challenge - nothing feels as good as being able to outsmart (& outstealth) a bunch of nasty guards & rogue thieves! Thanks again and I hope to see more of your creations in the future!

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    *sigh* Would somebody kindly direct me to the City Conflict 1 thread, please? Those links on that "wikia" page don't work for me and I can't find the thread using the forum search---apparently there's no way to search by forum, for some reason. I mean you can search by keyword or user, but not by forum. What the hell??

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out how to get there with the Wikia page. . that site is weird.

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    Does anyone know of a working download link for this mission? I've searched cheap missions, komag's, darklurker and the circle but couldn't find it. Southquarter doesn't seem to be working since all I get when I visit there is a background image, no content.

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    Tannar - I'd definitely include FanMission Listing & (Google-Translated) in an FM search.

    Also: last I checked, The Keep & The Circle haven't been updated for quite a while.

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    Thanks clearing and Sticky! I always seem to forget about but I have no excuse for not remembering to search DarkFate.

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